Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Liberal Hysteria Fails: CRTC Chair Speaks UP

This is another example of hysteria driven smear campaign in the cultural war by Liberals in Canada and in the US to paint Conservatives as a threat to democracy. 

We have an left wing American advocacy group based out of New York that is funded by a Billionaire who has deep ties to the Democrats.

August 19 Lawrence Martin citing anonymous sources suggesting the PMO is pushing out the CRTC chair, followed up by other Liberals citing other Liberals as proof of a conspiracy theory. Where did we here this before?

We have an acclaimed author who attacks a Quebec company for trying to add another news channel in Canada and suggesting it will be filled with hate speech.

Setting the record straight.

CRTC logo
CRTC independence
I read with consternation Lawrence Martin's column Is Stephen Harper Set To Move Against The CRTC? (Aug. 19) calling into question the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's independence as a regulatory body. The column stems from Quebecor Media's application to launch a TV news service called Sun TV News.
I would like to categorically state that no one at any level of government has approached me about the Sun TV application, the appointment of the CRTC's vice-chair of broadcasting, or my own mandate.
Quebecor's application is being treated according to the CRTC's well-established processes. The application was published on Sept. 1 for comment, and a public hearing will be held in Gatineau, Que., starting on Nov. 19. The CRTC will then make a decision on the basis of the evidence on the public record.
Konrad von Finckenstein, chair, CRTC, Gatineau, Que.

Liberals have a pattern of playing wedge politics in Canada
  • Holy Host at state funeral
  • H1N1, fundraising, sending out a 10% to Reserves body bags
  • Suggesting our International reputation is worse, another 10% to Canadians
  • Siding with China on their Human Rights Record vs Canada
  • Suggesting brown people were not safe traveling abroad, Canadian Government is racist.
  • Suggesting Aid in Natural disasters is withheld for political gain in Haiti, Chile, Pakistan
Liberals in Canada apparently have no difficulty in tapping into wealthy Americans for funds to push their cultural war. Will Canadians share the their view that foreigners should influence our decisions? 

This is why the voters need to send a clear message to the Liberals.  A reduction to less than forty seats would be appropriate for their wedge politics.
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