Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Liberals don't need facts, the CBC has their back

The Federal Liberals and just recently the Provincial Liberals in Ontario don't need facts to make their case.
They simply need a cozy media relationship and a few large cities throughout Canada. The Liberals only need to allege a conspiracy, suggest a relationship might exist for it to be given free publicity on our national broadcaster and their friendly media contacts.
They can utter the words hidden agenda and play the cultural war. Liberal Party Talking Points: Anti-Americanism
Carolyn Parrish's stupid Americans Part II, CBC helps Liberals again
“This is a government that is choosing to listen to a powerful foreign influence over our own police, our victims groups, our medical experts, in fact the majority of Canadians when it comes to gun control in this country,” said Liberal MP David McGuinty.
 Is David McGuinty taking a page out of playing the anti-American card that was seen as successful?
"Damn Americans, I hate the bastards."

Damn Americans, CBC 22 minutes show
The national broadcaster injects itself into Federal Politics without any reservation on what side of the fence they sit. The timing of support of the Anti-American (NRA) story coincides with the fact the Federal Liberals needed and could not afford to wage a public campaign to save the Liberal Long Gun Registry boondoggle.

A competitor in the news media business Brian Lilley exposes the CBC has just learned news from a decade ago in his story.

What producer in the CBC pushed a powerful foreign influence to get air time again? Is the CBC guilty of playing wedge politics with our tax funded dollars on behalf of the Liberal Party? 
Anyone remember the CBC coverage on Hillary Clinton calls for tax funded abortions by Canadian taxpayers in Africa or Liberal Party outrage of a powerful foreign influence?
How does this CBC story compare with an American Billionaire George Soros funded organization based in New York trying to limit a mainly French speaking  media competitor from gaining a hard hitting English national news network to compete with CBC?
Is the CBC giving each side an opportunity to present their information or are they deliberately using their resources to reinforce an agenda they support politically?
We have Canadian experts that were targeted in the leak did the CBC give them any national air time to share the skeptical view on CAGW? How much support do the CAGW alarmists have on the tax funded CBC network?
How much time does the CBC provide Tim Ball, Ross McKitrick, Ph.D, Steve McIntyre to present their analysis?

As I have repeated earlier Liberals don't need facts or evidence they simply need a cozy media relationship. How does the CBC characterize the Federal Government delays with Freedom of Information requests?

Are the CBC refusing to cooperate and apply the same standards in requests of Freedom of Information requests targeted at the CBC? Does the CBC believe they above the law?

What other media outlets are cozy with the Liberal Party?
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