Monday, September 20, 2010

Liberals Insult G8-G20 Leaders Again

Parliament has resumed and the Liberals are looking to improve the decorum and discourse?
How do you describe the logic by Liberals who repeatedly refer to the G8-G20 as a photo-op? It demonstrates my point they are so obsessed with being critical they ignore the polling numbers.
Most Canadians feel international meetings such as the G8 and G20 are important for Canada and two thirds are in favour of Canada hosting them.Harris Decima Poll June 2010
  • Nationally, 76% felt these meetings are either very (30%) or somewhat (46%) important. One in five (20%) feel it is not very or not at all important. Conservatives, Greens and younger Canadians were most likely to say these meetings are important.
  • Overall, a majority (68%) is either strongly in favour (10%) or favour (58%) Canada hosting these events. Conversely, one in four (26%) are against Canada hosting them. Interestingly, it is younger Canadians who are most likely to be in favour of Canada hosting such meetings.
In order to avoid another setback the Liberals are going to lose international embarrassment narrative if Canada gains a U.N. seat, the Liberals have been obsessed with criticizing our own human rights record and disparaging of our military. With a history of failing to pay the note and stepping up to protect the most vulnerable at home and overseas during the dark years of Liberals, Ignatieff has lost credibility.They feel is was important to send MPs and staff to protest outside a Tim Horton's in Oakville.
When will the Liberals stop trying to damage or embarrass our Federal Government with cheap shots and focus on issues like the economy, jobs and pensions?
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