Saturday, September 25, 2010

Liberal Bus Tour: Post LGR Vote

The Liberal Party has been deploying a brilliant strategy in criminalizing law abiding farmers, hunters,  that use a long gun to protect their livestock, provide food on the table. The passion for the cultural war has now ensnared our Aboriginal community. Thanks Michael!

The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations is calling on Ottawa to exempt treaty Indians from the gun registry.

What will Ignatieff do with all those plaid shirts now?

Yukoners can't trust Liberals: Fentie

"We don't change our mind, like the Liberals, on the long-gun registry. We didn't hide from our verbal commitments to Yukoners. We backed it up with action," Fentie said in the legislature on Thursday.

"It is about trust and the Liberals are all in it together," the premier added. "Yukoners cannot trust them."
Bagnell sided with his boss, federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, on the Wednesday's vote. Ignatieff had made the gun-registry matter a whipped vote, meaning all of his MPs must vote the same way or face discipline.

Another sign of a morally bankrupt leader that repeats the Donolo-Graves strategy to divide Canadians.

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