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Quebec's Culture War: NHL 2010

Does Quebec need a new political movement that does not attack minority language rights? Are they playing the survival of language and cultural card again? It is something to behold how the French Government in France has  rounded up and deported Gypsies back to Romania. Do the political elites in the Bloc and Parti Quebecois share a blanket  desire to remove non-French speaking players from Quebec?
Pierre Curzi
In a lengthy television interview broadcast last week, Pierre Curzi, the Parti Québécois language critic, advanced his theory about why there are not more Quebecers lacing up for the Canadiens: It is a federalist plot to rob Quebecers of one of the most stirring symbols of their identity.
The Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey ...
Asked by the host of the Télé-Québec program Les Francs-tireurs about the shortage of “francophone Quebecers” on the Canadiens, Mr. Curzi said it is by design.
Montreal Canadiens, mid-1940s
“I don’t get paranoid about conspiracies, but I say that when the biggest symbol of our identity, namely the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, does not play any more francophones, when you go there, that is damned well political,” he said.
How does the annointed Liberal leader play his party in this cultural war?
Ignatieff can be the first transformational Canadian leader in a generation. He is an intellect, internationally respected and, perhaps most importantly, he has a sophisticated and articulate knowledge of, and belief in, liberalism. What more, he is emerging politically along-side a US administration with which he shares ties and ideological and policy sensibilities. Both his and Power long play from academia to politics seem to have proved successful. -One Step Closer to an Obama-Ignatieff Continent
"Quebeckers walk around with this fantasy of how different they are, but they are just North Americans who speak French...They take the minor difference and magnify it."-
G Mail interview - Jan Wong 1998. How does he compare today?
Last weekend, Mr. Ignatieff toured parts of Saskatchewan. When asked by Jeremy Warren of Saskatoon’s Star-Phoenix about his party’s support for Bill C-232, a law currently before the Senate that would make fluency in both official languages a prerequisite for appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Liberal leader said that if Western Canadians want to get on the country’s highest court in the future, they “might want to study a little French.”
The NDP, Bloc and Liberals are all on the same page. Have you heard the Liberals attack the separatists on this latest stunt invoking the French language?
Our PM represents all of Canada and some world leaders share his passion for hockey. This is not Quebec's game, it belongs to everyone.
Do the Separatists prefer we restrict or eliminate European hockey players from the only Quebec team because they don't speak French? A past Toronto Leafs Harold E. Ballard owner was also hostile in regards to Europeans players. Our PM is an avid Hockey fan. In Barrie he participated with Don Cherry to help raise two hundred thousand for charity.
Pauline Marois, the current Leader of the Offi...
Quebec's official Opposition leader, Pauline Marois, said this week that the Habs have become a promotional tool for Canadian federalism.
The guy can’t lose. He gets to march around his home province, the only one he cares about, railing about how Quebec gets shafted because it doesn’t have an arena in the National Capital (that being Quebec City) because the filthy federalists are too busy spending their stimulus money (argent stimulusse) in parts of the country where they speak some foreign language like English. Everyone listening to Radio-Canada nods and agrees: “That’s right! If we were independent, we’d have a great big arena in Quebec and our team would only speak French and we’d win the Stanley Cup eight times out of 10, because when you’re independent, you win the Stanley Cup.”)- NP
She said she wished the team had more francophone stars she could cheer for. One of her P.Q. caucus members went even farther: Pierre Curzi said recently that the Habs are actively plotting against Quebec separatism — and that the exclusion of French-speaking players was part of that plot.
In making that argument, the PQ was picking up on a common complaint in recent years that the legendary team  once dubbed the Flying Frenchmen — has almost no French-speaking players anymore.

So what, the NHL has changed for the better. The addition of more people from different cultures  speaking different languages is not a federal plot: it is good business. The owners have a larger pool of talent to select players and that will help keep costs down and  profits up. Professional hockey should not become a taxpayer charity.
It is of NO surprise Separatists do not want a strong united country that includes Quebec. In good economic times opposition movements, political parties are unable to exploit the fear and prejudices of wedge politics easily. 
Canada has done very well in comparison to other advanced economies. during this Global Recession.  We are not out of it as job losses and protectionism is growing in the United States and many European countries. Separatists would argue for language and cultural purity. History has many examples of those kinds of visions. Let's hope voters become informed and dismiss these failed politicians that regularly resort to culture or language as a tool.
Jesse Owens 1936 Olympics
...multiculturalism has been perceived in Quebec as a policy whose effect is to trivialize Quebec’s assertion of its own identity by treating the Québécois as one among many ethnic groups, it is also a policy suited to Canada’s new face.
This is a glimpse into the ideology of Quebec separatists, they prioritize their own sovereignty interests before the well-being of the united country.
Do you think our media does enough to highlight the bigotry and push back the assertion of  Xenophobic elites  based in Quebec? Where is the condemnation from any of the coalition?
I can't see Russia from my porch but I can certainly hear those crickets in Liberal ville.
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