Thursday, September 02, 2010

Rob Ford Gains 8 Points: Liberals Losing Toronto

Liberals-NDP lose 8% of leaning, confirmed voters
Residents were asked to identify who they'd vote for, or are leaning towards voting for, among the current candidates for the October 25, 2010 Mayoral election. Among decided or leaning voters, 34% chose Rob Ford (up from 26% in June, 2010) compared to 22% (down from 29%) who picked candidate George Smitherman. Candidates Rocco Rossi (15%, up from 10%), Sarah Thompson (14%, down from 17%) and Joe Pantalone (11%, down from 12%) were trailing and 4% of residents selected someone else. Support for Rob Ford is concentrated in Etobicoke - York (39%) and North York (37%) and is highest among respondents aged 50+ (41%). Support for George Smitherman is concentrated in Toronto - East York (31%).-Rob Ford Lead Grows
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