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Heavy Hitters: Mississauga East Cooksville In Play?

Pundits' Guide 1997- 2008 General Election
Veteran Mississauga East-Cooksville MP Albina Guarnieri says she will retire from federal politics. Are we going to have Canadians choose a Conservative majority in 2010 or 2011 to sweep back the Liberal-Democrat-Separatist coalition threat? The candidate for the Conservatives in Mississauga East-Cooksville may have a very large gap to shrink before adding the seat to the Conservative Party but that has not made the effort worth it.It is time to take Canada back from the social engineers and their failed dogma about of lifting all boats.

"..there could also be a big political payoff in several ridings in Mississauga and the GTA when South Asian Canadians go to the polls in several ridings in Mississauga and the GTA in the next federal election..."
2008 General Election Mississauga East Cooksville Walter Miller Maps
Mississauga has grown by 9.1% from 2001 to 2006. A portrait is here. Home ownership is 75% with marriage at 56%. Immigrants made up over 51% of the population with English language spoken at 48%.

Pundits Guide 2000-2008
Are we witnessing the same push back against the culture of entitlement from Liberals in Europe, Australia and United States? Liberals use code words, phrases for socialism. (Social justice, the growing gap between poor and rich).
The tide has been changing for Liberals in Ontario since their last majority in 2000. Many of the hired strategists are stuck in 90's playing the culture war with a complicit media. The propagandists in the left are playing wedge politics, framing opponents to Socialist- Liberalism ideology as stupid radical right wingers who are responsible  for transforming Canada into an unrecognizable state. A former Liberal Deputy Premier, Toronto Mayoralty candidate referred to supporters of Rob Ford as chubby chasers.

If you don't support the growing nanny state or reduction of personal property rights you are threat to the culture of entitlement. This Prime Minister has worked tirelessly along with Jason Kenney in getting results and delivering their message out to ethnic communities. The mainstream media is not interested in going beyond the rhetoric of opposition war rooms framing the Conservative Party of Canada. This is why we are tuning them out in larger numbers, they won't speak the truth.
November 15, 2009 - Wladyslaw Lizon
Lizon, a Polish immigrant, said his native country and Canada share "fundamental values" in human rights, the rule of law and democracy. He left the United States after ten years and joined us in Canada to make a better life for his family. His story is an example of success and hard work.

"Our two countries are experiencing unprecedented levels of co-operation which is leading to mutual benefit," he said after accompanying Prime Minister Stephen Harper on a trip to Poland last year. Canada's lifting of the visa requirement (on Polish nationals) and Poland's increased commitment to the NATO lead mission in Afghanistan are just two examples of such co-operation."
Lizon has been the national president of the Canadian Polish Congress for two years. He holds a degree in mining engineering and worked in the mining industry in Poland for six years. 
Liberal Attack Ad: Ashamed of Canada?
Opposition MPs attacked our efforts in Afghanistan, undermining our efforts and repeatedly suggested our military may have been complicit of torture, war crimes without offering any evidence. 
(Photo Caption) Wladyslaw Lizon - President of Canadian Polish Congress, Malgorzata Boczkowska rewarded with Golden Cross of the  Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper,  Gen. Reginald Lewis rewarded with Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, Piotr Ogrodzinski - Ambassador of Poland

Is  Lizon the candidate for the Conservatives a threat to Canada or are we going to witness an increase of  wedge politics from Liberals as they fade away and join other obsolete parties in the dustbin of history in 2010-2011?
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