Saturday, September 25, 2010

While Coalition Was Playing A Cultural War: Canada's Economy Grew

This is a most stressful period for the Liberals, Democrats and Separtists and their cheerleaders. They have been consumed with playing wedge politics for so long they forgot how to trust Canadians with making the right decision. The elitists are not comfortable with voters picking their government through a ballot. The mainstream media has been busy trying to shape public opinion of what is acceptable behaviour with very little success. Many in the media and in the political class are out of touch with a the average voter. They just don't get us.
Economic Action Plan
Canada is doing the best in the G8. Canada has been successful in hosting the Olympics. Canada is leading the developed economies in their recovery from the Global recession.
There was a budgetary deficit of $0.5 billion in July 2010, compared to a $5.8-billion deficit in July 2009. Revenues increased by $1.9 billion, or 10.5 per cent, to $20.4 billion. - The Fiscal Monitor July 2010
Taxes from persons and corporations are returning as business, employment figures continue to rise from the steep downturn late 2008 and part of 2009.
We can look to our neighbour to the south to see how political decisions can have consequences if the media is cheer leading for one team.
Conservatives did not follow the example of Chretien-Martin Liberals and cut spending in Education, Social Services and Health during a financial meltdown. Conservatives did not target the unemployment benefits by making it more difficult to collect during a recession. That was the Liberals. The Conservatives increased the duration by five weeks and provided tax relief opportunities for employers to participate in work sharing programs.
Conservatives did not punish provinces by downloading costs to produce an 'surplus' for headlines. Conservatives did not tax employers and employees without representation or use $ 55  billion to balance the books. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled 7-0 against the Federal Majority led Liberal Government.
Major transfers to other levels of government, consisting of federal transfers in support of health and other social programs (Canada Health Transfer and Canada Social Transfer), fiscal transfers, transfers to provinces on behalf of Canada's cities and communities, and Alternative Payments for Standing Programs, increased by $0.4 billion, or 9.0 per cent, primarily reflecting legislated growth in the Canada Health Transfer and increased gas tax transfers to Canada's cities and communities. The timing of transfers to Canada's cities and communities varies from year to year.  -Fiscal Monitor
Conservative did not abandon the military, send them in harms way without the necessary equipment and use them as punching bags. That was the coalition of MPs.
Trade with China has improved steadily since 2006
Conservatives don't ignore human right abuses,  Conservatives are able to raise the issues of human rights because of our principles and freedoms enjoyed in Canada. Canadians understand an increased commitment to becoming a voice in the global community requires the political will. It requires you to make public statements and deployment if necessary based on principles that may not be held by the herbivores. Conservatives did not cut aid to women, children in the poorest countries to present an accounting surplus for headlines. This government is requiring groups including the UN to be open and accountable for our taxpayers dollars. This is compassionate leadership and good government.
Location location location:
The Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal media did not have the capacity to undermine the Olympics as effectively as they did with the G8/G20. Canadian athletes, Canadians were not obsessed with some preliminary setbacks,  an accidental tragedy, they had no patience for imported protesters including the Black Bloc.
The leadership in Queen's Park and City Hall failed Ontario. An inquiry why 1,100 people were detained and 900 released without charges is in order. Will the Provincial Liberals, including The City of Toronto allow a arms length public inquiry? Rob Ford, PC Tom Hudak, NDP Andrea Horwarth should be asked if  they will support a Public Inquiry in the mass arrests.

We already know how the Liberals stand on the issue of open,  accountable government, no need to ask them as their actions speak for themselves.
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