Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RADIO host Charles Adler is leaving CJOB 68 for Sun TV?

Charles Adler; Hungarian-Canadian Radio person...
RADIO host Charles Adler is leaving CJOB 68 for Sun TV, Quebecor's new right-wing national all-news station.
Several sources say that's the announcement slated to be made this morning by Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz and Quebecor vice-president of development, Kory Teneycke.- WFP
Word of the press conference and its location sparked speculation Tuesday that Sun TV might be taking over the ballpark's naming rights following the demise of the Canwest media conglomerate.
The success of any newspaper depends on more than good journalism. Display and classified advertising are important ingredients in maintaining healthy circulation and a viable business. The evolution of television news, including 24–hour news stations such as Newsworld and CNN, and the steady advancement of direct-mail advertising, specialty publications and Internet online news services pose a serious challenge to newspapers at the beginning of the 21st century. -Winnipeg Free Press History
Logo used by CBC Newsworld from 2001-2009.
When did the Winnipeg Free Press determine this is a right-wing national all-news station? Do they refer to the other networks in a similar fashion? Do they refer to the CBC Newsworld as a left-wing national all-news station?
Is the Winnipeg Free Press label a cheap shot against Sun TV?

Is Charles Adler interested in working more to co-host another show? Or is this just speculation gone wild by our Press?
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