Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Polling For Cheerleaders

We have no Federal Campaign, the media likes to spin a fairytale about some mythical horse race and numbers tightening up every few months.

I have often commented comparing different polling results from different pollsters is not fair or balanced in a thirty second soundbite on television.

I have a post on Environics from June here
Here are three bloggers that look at polling.

Canadian Election Watch the regional breakdown is pretty wild: apparently, the Tories lead Ontario by 10% (when Ipsos, Nanos and EKOS just told us the Grits lead there by 8%, 7% and 6.6% respectively), and the Liberals are at 33% in Qu├ębec (just 5% behind the Bloc), even though most other pollsters put them in the low 20s.
or Democratic Space , All Politics is Local. They are also partisan but have interesting comments from time to time.
What is very funny is how each camp spins the favourable polling results to a significant shift that is the result of "x".

Category:Westminster constituencies in the Rep...
Check the balance sheet of every political party. How many people are attending their events. Is the membership growing?
Environics Sept 2010
Our Canadian media is very predictable, they repeat the talking points issued by political insiders of  each party. How did Environics do in measuring the 2008 General Federal election?

Whose team are you cheer leading for? 
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