Friday, September 24, 2010

Canadian Spirit: Proud Canadian

I am very proud of  my Prime Minister and the action by Premier Danny Williams to ensure a coordinated effort in helping out from Hurricane Igor.

I am proud of our PM pushing for accountability of programs within the U.N. I hope if Canada gets a spot we will help fix the problems with the UN Climate Change Panel and the bias against Israel.

The Canadian Forces were deployed to help with cleanup efforts after the provincial government requested help with emergency response efforts.

The military will deliver food, water, fuel and medical aid to some communities, and repair bridges and roads where needed. They will also remove downed power lines, deliver generators and provide medical evacuations if necessary.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Danny Williams toured two communities to see the damage left by the storm.
“I've never seen any flooding like this. I've never seen damage like this in Canada,” Mr. Harper said in Trouty. “It's a pretty tough cleanup going on here.”
“It's important you're here, it's important that the prime minister sees it first-hand,” Mr. Williams added.
The two leaders later went to Britannia, a community also coping with the death of an 80-year-old man who was swept to sea by a torrent of water when the storm hit Tuesday.

Mr. Harper announced that Ottawa would increase its contribution to a global fund that fights AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Canada will donate $540-million to the fund between 2011 and 2013, which represents a 20-per-cent jump on its commitment of $450-million over the past three years.
Standing at the podium of the main UN chamber, Mr. Harper said that the world’s wealthiest countries had to go beyond lofty promises. “We must get results. We must all be held accountable. And people in the developing world must see that we deliver on our word,” he said.
To make fresh progress toward a broad set of anti-poverty targets, known as the Millennium Development Goals, leaders must forge “practical, durable solutions,” he said, and maintain “a shared sense of responsibility.”
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