Thursday, September 09, 2010

Iggy Shuffle Demotions For Bob Rae Camp?

Ignatieff deserves kudos for making some changes in his shadow cabinet.  The failure to make any headway in the last session  by those Liberal MPs obsession with political stunts required those changes. The pool of loyalists remaining in his camp to draw from reflects the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I will only comment on a few.
I am somewhat amused none of the media have looked at the changes by Ignatieff for the Fall line up. Bob Rae and his supporters have been demoted? The remaining loyalists in the Ignatieff camp are being asked to step up and help salvage the party and his leadership.

Advice for Shadow Cabinet

Ujjal was unfairly critical of our military, Civil Servants that did not share his view or torture and Omar Khadr

  • Delivery of Health  is a provincial file and the Chretien-Martin Liberals flubbed in by downloading billions in cuts in the 1990's. They should not send ten per centers to reserves, try to fear monger over health issues. Their pick will prove disastrous. Chalk River was to be decommissioned in 2000 but the Liberal boondoggle regarding the Maple Three reactors have caused the Isotope problem. Ujjal Dosanj is a mistake. Keith Martin, Kirsty Duncan would have been a better choice.

  • Aboriginal Affairs was neglected for decades and then a Haily Mary pass to save the Martin government Liberals pushed a Kelowna Accord. Todd Russel is a good pick from a bad lot. He should look at the progress of cleaning up the mess left behind by both the PC and Liberals. Todd should examine the investments and treaties ratified the CPC have taken over the file. The CPC government has been invested more money in real projects. Todd should drop Canada is a colonial rhetoric.
Mr. Dad's brother is getting more air time!
  • House leader has become the sacrificial lamb for the Liberals. I pity any MP taking on John Baird. It won't end well for the Liberals.

  • Agriculture has been ignored again by leaving the most nasally whiny Liberal MP they have in his job. This guy relies on props and anonymous letters in Question Period to land cheap shots. (My singing fish would be better than this tool.)

Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Gregoire at the...
  • The young Dauphin to Immigration will be interesting: Jason Kenney will have Justin Trudeau wishing he was a CTV host in short order.

  • Natural Resources Denis Coderre is a mistake because he will focus on Quebec mining and lumber interests and the Bloc have that already covered. Denis may still be  upset with the Cauchon - Rae  interference after the leader sided with him. The Liberals have not recovered in Quebec and lost badly in both contests in Quebec
Liberals have become an urban party reduced to Toronto-Montreal ridings for the most part. They are busy playing wedge politics with the Democrats over scrapping their boondoggle LGR. Why was Bob Rae or John McCallum by passed over for Ralph Goodale?

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