Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ekos Research: Liberals Need A Sarah Palin in Canada

In the United States people are angry over many issues. In the US you have two choices. The Democrats recently held a majority control in all three branches are trying to change the channel. The media pundits, party executives did not give anticipate the growing disconnect from voters and the policies of two political parties.

 This groundswell is very interesting to watch as is the criticism from all camps against this new movement.

The anger has manifested in a growing movement of people pushing out incumbents from either party. Democrats and Republicans are not immune to the Tea party movement. A central theme is less government and more personal responsibility.

In Canada, we are not limited to two options: a right vs a left. The left is highly divided with Liberals, Democrats, Greens and a French language regional party in Quebec that is intent in breaking up Canada. Liberals don't have a Glen Beck, Sarah Palin. CBC is not Fox. The left do not have someone who can build a coalition in public. They are in fact keeping the details of talks or deals private.

On the right or centre we have the Conservatives. The Conservatives are not Reform, Progressive Conservatives of Preston Manning or Joe Clark. Strategists in the left have a very difficult time accepting that fact. Our Canadian media try to depict our Conservatives as some right wing Republican Christian ideological construct intent on destroying our country. For the most part Canadians are tuning out the noise from the left and Canadian media as a result.

Canadians for the most part are not angry about the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Economy, Jobs, Health care, Victory Mosque, Gulf Oil Spill. The left is divided and unable to provide any credible alternative to the Conservatives.

Our media is busy chasing, fabricating a national crisis on Omar Khadr, Census, Stimulus, Economic Action Signs, Long Gun Registry. The obsession from media and opposition parties have destroyed their credibility with "Fake Lake", G20 Security Costs.

Liberal media playing games with F35 purchase
It is a shame the media and opposition can't get their talking points on serious issues that matter instead of political games. 

Do they expect our military to agree with the Liberals or NDP on military equipment after the Sea King debacle? Informed military personnel refer to the Liberal last time in government as the decade of darkness

Who will the Liberals nominate as the successor to Ignatieff, is it time for a momma grizzly?

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