Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wealthy Liberals Want To Limit News

Countries where Fox News is provided
Apparently wealthy Liberals are not content with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CBC, CTV, Global, BBC, Al Jazeera as news outlets for Canadians viewers.
SUN TV logo
The idea of Fox News (map above) or a Canadian SunTV competitor being made available to Canadians is too dangerous for wealthy Liberals.

Service Employees International Union
Who is funding the left wing advocacy groups like Here is a list of few financial backers.  Is a shell for Move On? They boast the same membership numbers, what else do they share?
From Wiki:Since 1998, MoveOn has raised millions of dollars for many Democratic candidates. As of 2009, MoveOn claims a membership of 5.2 million, with 20 full-time and 20 part-time staffers.
  1. It is a shame wealthy Liberals are willing to restrict free speech, freedom of assembly if it impacts negatively on their political ideology.
  2. The wealthy Liberals against Sun TV are adopting fascist principles in limiting what you are allowed to watch and listen.

h/t  Dodo Can Spell
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