Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Canada Loses Bid UN Seat: Liberals Happy?

The Left would support their UN seats?
The loss should cheer the Canadian Arab Federation, which argued that Canada didn’t deserve the seat, period. Why? It would lead to more imperial wars and Israeli aggression. Wow, little old us triggering Armageddon? How flattering. We really would have been the little UN non-permanent Security Council member that could!
CAF head Khaled Mouammar circulated an email titled “Don’t Give Canada a Security Council Seat.” The email contained an article by writer Murray Dobbin, originally published in The Tyee, a B.C.-focused news and opinion web magazine.  - Canadian Arab Federation casts its vote against Canada

Michael Ignatieff, Glen Pearson seem to share talking points with Murray Dobbin.
The truth is that it was other voices that likely turned that tide against Canada.  It was the 17 African ambassadors who descended on Parliament over a year ago, decrying Canada’s abandonment of Africa.  It was the voices of numerous other nations who expressed deep disappointment at this country’s lack of political leadership on the environmental file at the Copenhagen summit.  There were those voiced sentiments coming from various UN panels concerning Canada’s poor treatment of its own aboriginal people.  Recently, it was the steady stream of international development experts who bemoaned Canada’s lack of leadership in the international aid file at the Millennium Development Summit at the UN itself.  It was the appointed voices of the United Arab Emirates, who, rightly or wrongly, ordered the removal of Canada’s Camp Mirage from the region- Glen Pearson
Nothing unusual from my point of view by the left in Canada to turn a blind eye to the thugs and dictators that are given membership in the United Nations. A cheap shot against Canada and our Prime Minister is simply another day at the office.
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