Monday, October 11, 2010

What side will Ignatieff choose on UAE?

Will Ignatieff step up and condemn the decision by U.A.E. negotiation tactics to secure commercial air line rights or will he repeat his out of step nature in attacking Canada?
  1. Sided with Chinese government rebuke against Canadian government.
  2. Choose to attack the government, military alleging War Crimes over treatment of prisoners.
  3. Attacked our Federal Government in being undeserving of a Security seat at United Nations.
Will he defend Canada against the latest stunt by the United Arab Emirates on Monday that forced a military flight carrying Canada’s top defence brass on a six-hour detour to Rome?

Compare to our PM and government formally registering dismay and displeasure with  deportation of Bob Rae  Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic. 

Can Ignatieff put aside his personal ambitions aside to defend Canadian interests?

Michael Ignatieff silent on Nobel Prize Committee’s “Megaphone Diplomacy” with China

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