Sunday, October 17, 2010

Angelo Perischilli: Layeth The Smacketh Down

I can't believe this is allowed at the Toronto Star. The only newspaper that endorsed Dion in 2008. Get a load of Angelo criticizing the Liberal Party.

Note to next Liberal leader don't piss off Angelo Perischilli, he's got a pen and knows how to wield it!
First, the stories from the United Arab Emirates are more credible; second, I believe that the Liberal leader didn’t damage our efforts for the simple reason that nobody cares about his views. His voice is barely heard within his own caucus; the majority of Canadians can’t even remember his name; abroad he is known only on the campuses of some American universities.
Still, this reaction explains why the electoral fortunes of the Conservative government are shaky.
Harper is doing a good job at handling our economy and also representing Canada abroad, but the fact that Conservative support has not been able to break through the mid-30s in public opinion polls means the party has made some mistakes.
One of the biggest is their obsession with fighting the Liberal party. It seems to me that Stephen Harper is one of the few Canadians to take the present Liberal party seriously.
The once powerful party of Mackenzie King, Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau has been reduced to the meagre support of core Liberal voters, namely those who would vote for the party even if its leader were a donkey with a nice pair of glasses. -Obsession with Liberals is hurting Harper

Angelo has become the "Rock" in layeth of the political smack down of the 2010.

Is he trying to get fired, did he another spam email from the Liberals asking for another donation?
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