Monday, October 18, 2010

Liberal Fiscal Record: More Darkness?

Canada can't afford another decade of darkness of Liberals. In the next election we need to turn off their lights and send them to dustbin of history. I hope Canadians will stand tall and send these small politicians packing.
Ralph Goodale is a career politician who rallied behind Rae and than Dion for leadership of the Federal Party.  According to the Canadian Press Ralph and his friends are going to recast their fiscal management record from the Chretien-Martin decade of darkness as  a beacon of fiscal prudence and Canadian values. Ralph  informed, patriotic Canadians will not stand by again and let the Liberals undermine our families, our military and foreign aid efforts so the chattering class can brag about another accounting achievement in balancing our books.
  • Legacy of fighting Pay Equity for 13 years in the Courts.
  • Supreme Court Ruling 7-0 against Liberal Government taxation without representation. Employment Insurance. $ 55 Billion removed from E.I. fund.
  • Bill C- 78: $ 28 Billion pension accounting fix in RCMP, Military, Public Sector Employees.
  • Download of $ 25 Billion in transfers Education, Health and Social Services to provinces.
  • Canadian Foreign Aid is about 0.28 percent of GDP 2005 Haiti is excluded. Budget in Surplus.
  • The Liberal government’s 23% reduction to the military budget in 1994, and the tepid return of a paltry sum of funding caused the Auditor-General of Canada in 2001 ( $1.5 vs $5 Billion) to report that the reductions had ensured that the CF was incapable of fulfilling many of their commitments and putting others into question.
Canada Under Attack:
How Government Policies Threaten Canada’s
Military, Public Safety, Sovereignty, and National Unity. Rob Cook
Lewis MacKenzie was to write in October 2003 that it was fortunate that NATO took over the International Security Afghanistan Force (ISAF) headquarters and leadership role during our 2nd deployment to that war torn country. This was because Canadians were yet once again embarrassed on the international stage, when it became clear that we didn’t have the capability of performing and maintaining that role.53 Retired Lieutenant-General Lou Cuppens, a former Canadian Deputy-Commander for the North American Air Defence Command, (NORAD) didn’t mince any words when he called Canada a “freeloader” on defence issues, when he addressed an international security conference.54

Mr. Axworthy quoted retired General Romeo Dallaire, who stated that with a professional well-equipped brigade of 5,000 soldiers, he could have been able to save thousands of lives in Rwanda from the genocide that occurred in that country. Instead the Canadian led UN force could only standby and record one of the largest acts of genocide since WWII. Mr. Axworthy then reminded the listeners of the ideals of former PM Lester Pearson who noted that ‘Peacekeeping’ required the ability to back up with force if necessary, the goals of UN operations.
Has Ottawa Got a Grip on Spending?
The Doubtful Projections in the March 2004 Federal Budget
Federal Program Spending Forecast vs Actual
The fact that some of those spending excesses consisted of backdated transfers to related entitiesa practice that the Auditor General has repeatedly criticized — provides little solace. Past budgets have booked almost $9 billion in transfers to special foundations and trusts, yet the lion's share of those endowments, with interest, will be spent in future years. The disbursement of those billions will not appear in future budgets. As a result, neither parliamentarians nor their constituents will have a clear idea of how much money is actually spent, or on what. The government's current position — that foundations will report annually on their activities to the responsible minister and to Parliament — applies only to foundations created in the future. And the fact that some of the discrepancy arises because the government is presenting budget figures in which major expenditures are netted against revenue, effectively removing them from scrutiny in the budget, is no better. -William Robson and Finn Poschmann, CD Howe Institute March 2004
Canada Stands Tall in Spite of criticism from Liberals.
From 2004 to 2010 Canada increased its aid from 0.27 to 0.33 percent of GDP.
The United Kingdom (from 0.36 to 0.60 percent), France (from 0.41 to 0.46 percent) and Germany (from 0.28 to 0.40 percent) lead the way. At the other end of the scale are Russia (from 0.015 to 0.07), the United States (from 0.17 to 0.19) and Italy (from 0.15 to 0.20 percent). Japan's giving has decreased from 0.19 to 0.18 percent.
Canada is moving forward as the Liberals become irrelevant in providing ideas and policies , they have become a spent force relying on props and small politics. We can't afford to turn our backs on families, our military and being a responsible international citizen. The Liberals are too mean spirited and ideological to be near the reins of government. It is time for many career politicians including Ralph to retire for the good of Canada. 
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