Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Liberals Play Small Politics Canada Loses

Team Canada Women's Olympic Champions 2010

When our athletes won gold in the Olympics as Canadians we all celebrated the victory and felt  pride as a Canadian.

G8 Muskoka Maternal Health Initiative
The opposition MPs in Ottawa and critics in the media are so consumed with their own  anti-conservative agenda is they are blind to their own destructive act of small politics.

  1. What the critics ignore is that it is not Harper who is seeking a seat on the Security Council but Canada. As prime minister, Harper is our principal spokesman. Next year it could well be Michael Ignatieff or Bob Rae delivering the Canadian perspective.
  2. We've doubled our food aid to Africa since 2002, making us a leader in the G-8, and fulfilling a pledge made by Jean Chrétien. Canadian food aid is now completely "untied," and we are on track to fully untying all of our aid by 2012. 
  3. We've always "tilted" towards Israel, especially in standing with Israel and other like-minded nations. We've always been against the double standard by which those nations in which there are few violations of human rights are condemned, while those in which such violations are part of a day-to-day system of government, are allowed to be the accusers and sponsors of resolutions like those targeting Israel around "Zionism as racism." 
  4. Notwithstanding its ever-present "crisis of relevance," the UN still counts. In his memoir, one of our most distinguished UN ambassadors remarked that the public sometimes assumes that the "endless debates replete with grievances, self-glorification, and vitriol" are a "tedious exercise in futility." Yet this "caravanserai of conflicting interests and ideologies," he continued, "can act as a catalyst in negotiations and settlements, which, ostensibly, have nothing whatever to do with the organization."

Divided Loyalty, Politics, Power, Ideology before Canada?

How do you describe a group of people who take pride in witnessing their country fail? We saw this during H1N1, slow start at the Olympics and the acts of violence in Toronto during the G20.
Liberal MPs Staff protest outside Tim Horton's HQ Press Conference
The opposition have been attacking Canada and the policies of this government without exception while allowing them to pass in this minority parliament. The opposition don't believe in a Canada led by this government. They believe the changes will make Canada unrecognizable. It has become an ideological battle: Our reputation is just collateral damage for them.

Ignatieff was not the deciding factor, he participated in just more small politics. Dimitri Soudas, Harper's communications director,  ‘Well, Germany and Portugal have a united front, their opposition and their governments seem to be fully, 100 per cent behind this bid.’
“Canada did not have that required advantage. We had an Opposition Leader that opposed Canada and clearly was not in it for Canada on this one.

Canada loses prestige UN spot despite written guarantees from voting nations: The assertion of undelivered promises brings back memories of Australia's 1996 loss to Sweden in the face of ample pledges of support for the Australian candidacy. Does the opposition believe Australia was undeserving too?

Canada-Israel relationship is NOT FOR SALE

According to the official, Cravinho impressed many IOC members through his assertion that Portugal backs the Arab Peace Initiative in the Middle East. First proposed in 2002, the initiative calls for a "comprehensive" regional settlement in which Israel would revert to its borders before the 1967 Six-Day War, which Israel says was a defensive action.

Do the Liberal, Democrat, Bloc opposition support the Arab Peace Initiative in the Middle East. First proposed in 2002, the initiative calls for a "comprehensive" regional settlement in which Israel would revert to its borders before the 1967 Six-Day War? (What else are they willing to give up to secure a seat at the UN?)

Next month Germany will attempt, once again, to secure a non-permanent seat for two years on the UN Security Council. For the first time, the German government will be up against two competitors, Canada and Portugal. Eight years ago, only two countries were vying for the two seats allocated to the so-called Western group, and the same situation applied eight years before that.

Canada will continue to exert its sovereignty, an independent foreign relations policy, hold other nations to account for their record.
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