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Liberalism: State Authority

Liberalism has failed. It does not protect law abiding citizens or treat them fairly. Liberalism is about controlling it's citizens with regulation. They simply don't trust the millions of law abiding citizens to be left alone to manage their own affairs in a responsible manner. Take a look at a case in Toronto.
Jason Kenney, the federal Immigration Minister, said last year that Mr. Chen is a victim of crime. The law should remember that property owners have the right to use reasonable means to protect their property.”
The decision makers in Toronto have failed to provide justice for Mr. Chen in the public interest.
  • Mass arrests in Toronto of over 1300 with 900 released without charge. (Fake 5 metre rule)
  • Disruption with  multiple Tamil Protests in Toronto-Ottawa.(No permits)
  • Mandatory Census including fines and threats of  a withdrawal of government services
  • Registration of long guns of law abiding citizens
Toronto-Spadina 2008: Pundits Guide
Crown Counsel and police are separate agencies.
Crown provides a sober second look at an investigation, thereby protecting the public purse and the suspect from unnecessary trials.
Before the charge is laid, the investigation belongs to the police. Crown can assist by giving general advice, but do not control the investigation.
When considering whether to approve charges, Crown can recommend further investigation.
Police can lay charges even if Crown does not approve them. However, police will then have to find someone to prosecute them. Crown has authority to step in and stay the charges if they consider it to be in the public interest. Crown Counsel Act s.4
Once Crown approves charges, the prosecution belongs to the Crown.
Crown has an ongoing duty to disclose evidence to the defence. Therefore if police disclose any evidence which may reveal the identity of a confidential informant, police must clearly identify this risk to Crown. Police can then rely upon Crown to protect the informer’s privilege.
Crown has no duty to disclose tactics to the defence. Therefore, no discussions about the evidence need be disclosed.
Police enjoy solicitor-client privilege over advice received from Crown, but can find itself forced to waive that privilege if someone challenges their good faith.
Is this an example of sending a message to the community?
The Toronto Police laid charges against the store owner, Toronto prosecutors decided to teach David Chen a lesson in Liberal justice? The state will use its resources to remind taxpayers the state is the authority. You decide if we can afford more Liberalism in Toronto.
Who authorized the Toronto establishment to offer a sweet heart deal for Mr. Bennett in securing testimony against David Chen?
2008 Liberalism Toronto Liberal+NDP CBC Map
Mr. Bennett is the 52-year-old career criminal – 43 convictions for offences as varied as theft (his specialty), fraud, trafficking and uttering a death threat spread over more than 30 years – at the centre of Mr. Chen’s charges of assault and forcible confinement.
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