Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bill C 440 Sanctuary Dies with Liberals MIA

Liberals skip another motion they co-sponsored: Flip-flop?
Sanctuary: Liberals Missing In Action!
The Liberals have an interesting manner in which they support each other. Bill C440 died on second reading, it was designed to give legal protection/residence to approximately two hundred American asylum seekers for desertion in military service in the United States.  

Kennedy soon after dropping out of the 2006 Li...
This Bill was introduced in a joint party effort by 2006 leadership candidate "oops wrong field" Gerrard Kennedy (Liberal) and Bill Saskay (NDP). The vote died because seventeen Liberals missed a vote (22% 17/75). The thirty seven NDP MPs were all present, the Bloc had 5 absent, one paired with Conservatives. This is the second time Gerrard Kennedy has been left holding the bag for a motion that was intitially supported by Ignatieff.
Is Ignatieff trying to punish former leadership candidates with absent Liberal MP's? Someone should ask Bob about the abortion vote.
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