Thursday, October 07, 2010

Coalition Manifesto: Three Stooges

Another layer of Coalition Manifesto was peeled back. When will the media ask about the conditions to keep the separatists in line for 18 months? What did Layton have on them? 

“The problem is [the Liberals and NDP] had no proposals to face the [economic] crisis. So we said, ‘We made public our proposals three days ago, if you want to use them, use them.’ So they took 85 per cent of that. When they came back with my proposals, I said yes.”
We support Dion as PM
I disagree with Gilles that Dion-Layton did not have massive spending policies in their 2008 campaign platforms, they did. I suggest they had to change them to gain power as your support was necessary. 
Prorogue sealed Dion's fate. Ignatieff team pushed democratic contest aside.
The GG granted prorogue five days before the scheduled Christmas holidays. The Liberals under Ignatieff did the predictable thing and remove the Liberal platform from their own website. The Liberals-Democrats simply sold us out. The Liberals made a tactical mistake in passing the Throne Speech and giving the PM confidence. 
If Canadians return another Conservative minority, the coalition will only need to reject the Throne Speech to gain control of government. They are entitled to keep their backroom deals private. Canadians will have to decide a Conservative majority or a Coalition led government dependent on Gilles Duceppe.

Ignatieff may have not been comfortable with signing his name last on an agreement giving the Bloc a veto over the coalition. He may have not been comfortable with it being led by a figurehead that reduced the Liberal party to their worst showing in 150 years. Ignatieff could have killed the deal and not signed on the principles he invoked in May 2009 but he chose for the sake of his leadership ambitions to go along with Layton-Duceppe. He failed as a leader and as a unifier.

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