Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are Liberal MP's flouting the rules?

Toronto Liberal MP John Cannis was ordered to pay back more than $80,000, and York West MP Judy Sgro, also a Grit, paid more than $60,000, a source said. -MPs to pay back treasury

That is enough for almost two and half "fake" lakes. The article suggest others may have broken the rules and will be expected to pay back the treasury.  Why are taxpayers not entitled transparency on the expenses of MPs?

Chief government whip Gordon O’Connor, who heads the secretive all-party committee that controls parliamentary spending, wouldn’t say how many MPs were found to be violating the rules against renting from family members or how much money they had to pay back, but he confirmed Thursday that some MPs had to get out their chequebooks.
Officials said that $57,000 is part of the roughly $650,000 price tag for the entire Muskoka-themed Experience Canada exhibit, which includes the lake, chairs, dock and canoes, a large-screen TV displaying pictures of Canada, as well as wireless work stations for journalists.  -Harper says artificial lake cost $57,000, not $2M

h/t the alberta ardvark 
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