Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nobodys reinforce Trudeau's 1969 musing

Liberals Poll 26%  Chasing Dragons?
In 1969 Pierre Trudeau mused MPs were nobodies 100 feet from Parliament Hill. The  official opposition's refusal to represent their constituents has reduced the Trudeau musing by another 50 feet.
Voters don't care You don't like the current government,  thirty Liberal MPs skip votes on a  regular basis? Present a credible alternative and get on with it. Make your case to the voters if you have the courage of your convictions. Allow the Democrats or Bloc MPs vote in favour of the bad policies you are so critical . What could go wrong?
Author of Harperland is making excuses Angus Poll that confirms Dion support levels for the Liberal since Confederation on September 29, 2010.
The caving of the three Liberal fortresses may have consequences beyond their jurisdictions. Tidings at the provincial level don’t often reverberate with much impact at the federal level. But when the Liberal brand name takes a hit in three great domains in the same time frame, it surely can’t help. It may be among the reasons why Michael Ignatieff is not getting much liftoff despite all his hard work through the summer.-Lawrence Martin
President Kennedy  selling Vietnam military action
One hit wonders-Voters are always right. They will decide if your message is trustworthy.  We may not select the best candidate, the best platform or the best party but we make the final decision. We will decide and pass judgment at the ballot. Ask Joe Clark, Jimmy Carter or Bob Rae.
President Barrack Obama's  approval ratings below 50% at midterm time see their party suffer substantial losses in its congressional membership, regardless of how much explaining and blaming the president attempts in the campaign leading up to what becomes, in effect, a referendum on the president. Democrats (79%) and liberals (75%) still like Obama a lot. - Andrew Malcolm
Voters are very smart and understand how rhetoric, teleprompters are only effective in preaching to the converted. The economy, employment rates do not pick favourites and will punish bad policy regardless of ideology. Look at many of European countries that have changed the socialists governments out for more Conservative leaning agenda.
Why are the opposition afraid to seek a mandate at the Polls during the Global Recession? Is it because their plan is being rejected globally?

Market Confidence: Canadian vs American 2006-2010
Seven years into the Chretien-Martin track record on the confidence of the Canadian dollar from $ 0.62- $0.86 vs the U.S. Dollar reserve currency (Currency Liberal Oct 2000 - Jan 2006). The foreign currency traders understood it too. Why have banks, governments and currency traders begun to buy hold the Canadian dollar in larger amounts against the American dollar?   The American dollar is the reserve currency, the flight to safety in economic turmoil.
We don't need the media explaining why:
  • our costs of living, hydro rates, cost of food.
  • our employer is not going to give a "raise" this year.
  • looking into the potential for a future conflict of interest by chief of staff.
  • a mandatory forty page form on my personal habits is vital for Canada.
  • we don't accept gimmicks from politicians to "fix it" either.
Ignatieff, Layton challenging Dragons?
Wind energy isn't very efficient, according to William Palmer, an engineer who has presented internationally on the subject. He says that, because the winds come and go, wind turbines work at an average of 27% capacity. What's more, Ontario has no ability to store wind energy, so what we don't use immediately is wasted. Storage facilities could be created - at great cost - in addition to the huge cost of the turbines themselves.
In a perfect world, we shouldn't demur at the cost, but countries like Britain, well ahead of us in wind energy, are now having to face the stark reality of "fuel poverty" - the cost of fuel exceeding one's ability to pay. So, if wind energy is going to be expensive and inefficient, we'd like to know before we open our hydro bill.
Adding insult to injury, according to Palmer, is the fact the net effect of wind turbines on global warming is insignificant. Why? Because most of Canada's harmful emissions are not caused by electricity production, and because the fossil fuel systems needed to back up wind power lose their efficiency when they have to be started, stopped and restarted as winds come and go. Further, we are shocked to learn that, despite its tens of thousands of wind turbines, Germany, the poster child for wind energy, has yet to close a single coal-fired plant.
Sorry Jack your heating bill stunt won't "fix it" because of your record against every other tax cut to date. It won't excuse your vote for a 35% increase in employment insurance last week, calls to stop our Oil Sands and adopt the Kyoto protocol. Tax the rich, make the big polluters pay to redistribute the wealth for the poor is SOCIALISM. The Liberals may find stealing your policies acceptable from time to time to steal your voters, the majority of us don't share the Cuban-China-Russian political teachings.
We do know how to punish politicians, parties that fail to deliver on promises of good government or just blow smoke. The latest Angus Public Opinion Poll confirms the change from Ignatieff to Dion has NOT lifted the party fortunes or popularity among non Liberal voters. The messiah complex will not lift your party with Bob or Justin.
Polyphemus vs Nobody Odysseus
Can the nobodys devise a plan to secure their victory?
Support for the Conservatives is consistent with their pre-writ numbers: Without a significant drop in two way battles against the Democrats, Separatists, Green party in ridings the Liberals will remain in the opposition benches for the foreseeable future.
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