Friday, October 29, 2010

Ignatieff's Liberals: Bad For Canada

It pains me to state the obvious: The Federal Liberals need to experience the rout of Mulroney-Campbell in 1993. h/t Ardvark
Senator Colin Kenney has provided expertise in these matters and he destroys the effort by the Liberals in playing politics on the back of the military. He praises the Federal Government on the J.S.F. program and attacks the position by Williams and Ignatieff Liberals about getting a better price. Liberal Senator Colin Kenney is not afraid to take a position against the government.See here.
“Canada is in danger of falling back into its historic role of hewers of wood and drawers of water with all the technological advances in countries like India and China,” he warned. “We can’t afford to lose ground in the aerospace industry, and our involvement in this contract will create new jobs and opportunities in that and associated industries.”
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Is Liberal Senator Colin Kenney trying to undermine Ignatieff for some other leadership rival? I don't know.
What I do know is the loyal opposition has spent five years in demonizing the government on almost every file and driving support down for every position taken by the Conservatives.
Some would argue this is natural for the opposition but if you examine the last five years it is NOT a radical right wing transformation of Canada that has taken place. The rhetoric by the opposition has undermined our ability to provide aid and emergency relief to those most vulnerable. The constant criticism of making improvements to  the asylum refugee system is weakening support for legitimate immigration.
We have spent months in debate on improving maternal health. When a natural disaster strikes the opposition suggest the government must be bigoted for not moving as fast as they did in Haiti. It is time to send a message to the opposition parties that the games on the Hill must stop. 
It would be great start for Canada if the voters in Winnipeg North and Vaughan did not return a Liberal or NDP as a warning.
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