Monday, October 04, 2010

Economic Forecast Improved: Net 20 Billion

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s next budget update may increase forecasts for 2010 revenue, giving the governing Conservatives scope to pay for additional stimulus measures. 
They did not cut healthcare or transfers to the provinces as did Chretien-Martin Liberals did as Ignatieff points to as a model of compassion.

Bullet Point for NDP, we care about Seniors and Heating Bills
The opposition demonstrate why they are out of touch with regular Canadians. Census, decriminalizing Marijuana, Carbon Tax, GST increase, 35% increase in employment insurance rates. You can't have it both ways.
Issue challenged Liberals: "Planes, Prisons and Photo ops", it's  NOT the Economy
Good news for Canada translates for bad news in opposition. Pity you say! 
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