Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coalition MPs: Winging It

What opposition MPs lack in evidence they can make up with imagination. I give credit to the media that  fails to  provide balance, context,  and correct the public record. It appears the opposition are trying to imitate the proceedings of American Senate hearings with partisan attack rhetoric. The opposition show respect for opinions that mirror theirs. This is not a place for truth seekers as much as it is for politicians who like to hear their own voice. The media has no problem omitting the cases of opposition MPs in attacking civil servants.
Explains how British Television used Muskoka Travel Pavilion to broadcast
Toronto Tourism official communicated to Peter McGovern, they were  up $ 50 million based on G20 in Toronto. Peter also shared many exporters also praised the added publicity from the G20 event was helping them. 
Peter McGovern, a Foreign Affairs deputy minister, said Tuesday that the international media used the fake lake — intended to showcase Canadian cottage country — as a backdrop for TV reports during the June gatherings, bringing images of the Canadian wilderness to living rooms abroad.

Media ignored his statements on estimates and costs
The lake was part of Experience Canada, a $2-million tourism pavilion in the Toronto media centre, where 3,700 journalists covered the summits. The reflection pool, built at the summit media centre at a cost of about $50,000, was widely decried by critics as a symbol of excessive government spending for the G8 and G20 summits.
Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates was a hoot to watch. The opposition were upset with the fact the government did not contract the military to save money instead of the local police. One member of the Bloc was interested if the "fake lake" still existed and how much was the cost to "fill it in". A Liberal MP is visibly upset and is reduced to restate  inaccurate figures for a "fake lake" in order to salvage their obsession with the theatre of the absurd.
They have lost their poster boy Kevin Page, PBO to provide them cover on their rants about costs.
His Report cites Canada is transparent other Summits were not.
Ward P.D. Elcock, PCO confirmed regardless of the integrated security plan,  each Police Force was responsible for local policing. When do we expect the opposition MPs to call Metro Toronto Police Chief Blair for testimony on the  allegations of excessive use of force, arrests in Toronto? (insert sound of Crickets chirping)
Long Gun Registry cheerleader Bill Blair has immunity from opposition?
Executive Summary from G8 is here.    Final Report IMF on G20 here.
It is a shame the Toronto media was obsessed with covering the mob instead of the good news behind the fence.
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