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Ekos Research Questions Miss Clarity?

No urgency among the bulk of Canadians in any province including with the bulk of voters to visit the Polls in Fall 2010 is something the media won't be reporting from the information on the Ekos Research September 30, 2010.The SPIN will be is the Coalition has gained support. Is it possible the questions being asked are misleading or the analysis from the media is lacking context on how campaigns and parliament work?

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The Poll conducted by Ekos Research regarding coalitions was not clear, it did NOT include the word majority, dependent on the Bloc? Many of us believe for a coalition to be considered legit, it must include the winning party with the most seats. I have asked this question to hundreds of people including Liberal  partisans for an example of the number one party being excluded in a Western democracy. I only heard crickets.

Jon Stewart making fun of 46% for PM Stephen Harper vs Pres. George Bush
Landslide for Conservatives
Nearly 46% of Canadians in December 2008 were upset with the secret negotiations  that culminated in a deal to give the Bloc and Dion control of Parliament? Does the media and partisans for Liberals and Democrats believe Canadians have changed their mind? Comedy Network clip with Liberal leaning Jon Stewart comparing how popular the Conservative government led by PM Stephen Harper was similar to past president Bill Clinton and unlike President George Bush?

Jon Stewart reacting to a George W. Bush clip ...
Jon Stewart criticized George Bush on Comedy Show on a regular basis

Coalition Issue on campaign (Truth in politics)
The Liberals passed the clarity act and it requires a clear question regarding a referendum. Canadians were NOT given the option of Liberal NDP coalition in Canada propped up with Separatists in 2008 during the campaign. Conservatives will present that option for voters with the mainstream MEDIA and Liberal-NDP trying to run away or deny it is on the table as a likely option if the election results for 2008 are repeated? Does the left and the media fear Canadians can't accept or handle the truth?

Election, what election we are not tuned in to BS from the tradition Media- Opposition talking heads.
The poll asks about the timing of the election.  British Columbia has the lowest support for later than Fall 2010 at 61%, Alberta with the highest at 72%. (This means an overwhelming MAJORITY is not interested in switching the current makeup of Parliament.)

Under 25 yrs old support Election in 2010

The under 25 years old demographic at 48% is eager to have an election. This is the only group that is most interested in returning to the polls in the Fall of 2010. This group is the least likely to actually participate in our general election.

Three quarters of Canadians 45-64, 65+ don't want an election in Fall 2010.

The bulk of the voters (45-64) at 72%, (65+) at 78% want it later than the Fall of 2010. No urgency to change government.

Ekos ran another poll between September 8-14,2010. The bulk of Canadian voters ( 45-64, 65+) think Canada is moving in the right direction at forty nine per cent. When everyone (all demographics) are asked about the direction of the Government 41.5% think they are moving in the right direction.

Page 8
Support for Coalition Government
Q. If you were forced to choose between a Conservative government led by Stephen Harper and a coalition government made of up Liberal and New Democrats and led by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, which would you prefer? 

Question Revised.

If the Conservatives won the largest number of seats but failed to win a majority of 155 seats, would you support a move by Liberal-NDP coalition that was dependent upon the Bloc?


Gilles Duceppe, the Leader of the Bloc Québécois.
Would protect Quebec's interest and control Liberal NDP coalition
Will media tell the truth about how Parliament works? Will they provide context how Gilles Duceppe  through an arrangement have effective control the Liberal-Democrat coalition? Gilles has made it clear, the needs and interest of Quebec are first?

“Michael Ignatieff says coalition governments are ‘perfectly legitimate’ and he'd be prepared to lead one if that's the hand Canadian voters deal him in the next election.(Details after the election)

Canadians are not comfortable with a Quebec separatist party calling the shots, Conservatives don't think so either and the reminder of how the coalition may result in Quebec's control of the federal agenda will be a campaign issue some will run away from. It will provide a large target to attack the Liberals, Democrats and Separatists when an Election is called.

What do you think?

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