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Bogus PeaceKeeping Reputation Part II

Canadian members of the United Nations Emergen...
1962 UNEF Canadians deployed between Egypt Israel
Reconstruction story is not "sexy" for MSM - Opposition MPs
It appears a Liberal MP in London is concerned in our decline of supplying Blue Helmets to the United Nations Peace Keeping Missions. It is also interesting in the choice of graphs he selected to make his analysis. We are delivering reconstruction aid to Afghanistan and the majority of it has been ignored. The Media and opposition are consumed with the treatment of prisoners instead of the objectives of a successful mission.
Peacekeeping on the cheap? I agree that from the 1965-2005 many Canadian governments failed to make the priorities to provide our military with the tools to stop genocide. I also agree the political class failed in making the case for being a responsible citizen on the global stage.
PM at United Nations
I am proud the current Prime Minister does not share the views of the Liberal  political class.I  am proud PM Stephen Harper is a force of nature, rebuilding our military and rebuilding our commitment to becoming a responsible global citizen again after 40 years of PC-Liberal incompetence.
G8 Canada calling for accountability
What did Michael Ignatieff state in 2005 about the failure of Liberalism to a European audience?  Ignatieff was disgusted by Liberal governments because they would rather bitch  about their rich neighbours to the south than pay the note?
Does Glen examine the fact the majority of missions are in Africa, Middle East and Asia? Does he realize the United Nations have had local nations step up to police their neighbours? Many of us think Africans can solve many of their own problems.
Liberal 10% Ashamed of Canadian  International Reputation
Perhaps it is time for the opposition to STOP calling the meetings of the G8-G20 a photo op. It might be time for the opposition MPs to examine their destructive agenda in parliament and the consequences for the most vulnerable and the missions.  Who will suffer for the political games on Hill?
Murder and Lawlessness
Who pays for Colonialism by European? Is China, India, Russia benefiting from exploiting the energy in those conflicts?
Brazilian Army soldiers, part of the United Na...
Brazilian Army soldiers, part of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti
How many of these humanitarian problems are former colonies of Europeans? Should Europeans be held responsible for providing a larger contribution of the helmets+costs in cleaning up their foreign policy mess? The G20 includes countries like India, Brazil and China. They are being asked to increase their participation on the global stage.
The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) was established on 1 June 2004 by Security Council resolution 1542 PDF Document. The UN mission succeeded a Multinational Interim Force (MIF) authorized by the Security Council in February 2004 after President Bertrand Aristide departed Haiti for exile in the aftermath of an armed conflict which spread to several cities across the country. 
Haiti Mission Six Months After
Haiti is the only UN mission in our backyard, and we are calling for more accountability from the UN and the use of foreign aid. 
Majority of Missions Africa+Middle East+Asia
Accountability is the key,” Harper said as he opened the meetings. “We must follow through on our initiatives and meet our commitments. If the countries with the greatest resources will not take action on the most urgent global issues, then who will?”-PM on Maternal Health
Dambisi Moyo
Problem or solution?
Moyo argues that rather than bilateral and multilateral aid being part of the solution, they are in fact part of the problem. "The two goals of aid are to stimulate higher growth and reduce poverty. Yet what has happened is that despite the trillion dollars of aid that has gone to Africa in the past 60 years, you've seen a decrease in growth and an increase in poverty," she told IRIN.
"You essentially have a problem whereby African governments are getting aid because they, the donors, are worried about the levels of poverty in those countries. But that aid then tends to spew out a lot of corruption, it creates a lot of bureaucracy, it kills off entrepreneurship, and it disenfranchises voters in those countries."
We need a strong economy and a strong government in Ottawa that is determined to deliver on their priorities.
The IMF forecast that indicated the Canadian economy is set to grow 3.1 per cent this year and 2.7 per cent in 2011, which would be tops among major industrialized economies.
“Here’s the thing:  for the last 13 years, through governments both Liberal and Conservative, Canada has been fully involved in the development, design and initial production phases of this world-class aircraft.  Governments, beginning with our predecessors, have already put over $150 million of taxpayers’ money into it.  The prototypes are in the air. So you have to ask yourself: why would you now consider buying something else?
“Today, there is nothing else like the F-35 Lightning.  Its once and only serious competitor is now on static display in a Florida museum. And why would you risk leaving our Air Force with nothing to replace the CF-18s when they reach the end of their life?  Nothing is not an option.
“That principle is the needs of our country and the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line to serve those needs.  And that need is for a general purpose force able to respond to a range of possible requirements in an unknowable future.
“Think about it this way.  Our newest CF-18s will be 30 years old by the time we take delivery of the first F-35s.  And what have we seen since we purchased the CF-18s? And who could have predicted it?
“When we ordered them in the early 1980s, the immediate need was deterrence in central Europe, during the Cold War.  We didn’t know we would have to respond to a crisis in the Balkans.  We didn’t know we would be fighting in the Persian Gulf.  We didn’t know we would have 9-11 and of course the Afghanistan mission today. -Statement by PM October 7, 2010 Winninpeg
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