Thursday, October 28, 2010

Control Freak Ignatieff: Don Martin

Something is rotten in Denmark. Liberal MPs are having key private members bill defeated by a small number of key Liberals scampering from their seats to take up Hall duty. (H/T) Wilson for wicked funny comment 

Are these cracks in party discipline and tight messaging, a sign of a palace revolt  or just more resistance from within of the centralizing control of the appointed leader? Ken Dryden was very critical in his book on the failure of Liberals. Harper is so politically skillful that the public spotlight has turned mostly on the Liberals since 2006. "It is Dion and now Ignatieff, who have had their flaws so starkly revealed," he writes. "Today, Harper seems less worn than Dion did, less worn than Ignatieff does now."-Ken Dryden 
Liberal MP Keith Martin, a medical doctor, declared the obvious when he wrote about the need to pick the handcuffs on the Canada Health Act to allow patients to “pay for care if they wish, in entirely separate facilities funded solely by the private sector”.
The screech from inside the Liberal bunker was loud and immediate. Health critic Ujjal Dosanjh didn’t just shrug it off as a rogue idea, he went on the attack.
“That’s bunk. That is absolutely not a solution to any of the problems that we’re facing today,” he fumed. “It really is irrelevant what Keith Martin thinks. He doesn’t speak for the Liberal Party of Canada on health care.” My, aren’t we sensitive. - Ottawa’s big red control freaks
Keith Martin alluded to an earlier interview regarding his op-ed article calling for two tier health care, it is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. Don Martin whom many Conservatives would categorize as a liberal cheerleader is critical of Ignatieff for pushing Ruby Dhalla under the bus because of her Pension enrichment bill that would reduce the waiting period from ten to three years.  The problem being noted by non-Liberal partisans is the dissension is not limited to the Federal Liberals.

An Ontario Liberal  minister blew as gasket in attacking Conservative leaders and their voters recently. The Ontario Liberals have time to recover, will it be enough to save their government?
Turns out the Liberals are not only losers but sore losers. They may also have shown themselves to be perhaps the biggest bunch of crybabies in the history of Canadian politics. The biggest suck of them all is Research and Innovation Minister Glen Murray. -Liberals a bunch of crybabies

Key Flip Flops by Federal Liberal after months of criticism:
  • John Mckay's Bill C 300 mining bill die on second reading
  • Gerard Kennedy Deserter Bill second reading
  • Ruby Dhalla's Pension payout plan.
  • EI 360 Bill - Liberals line in the sand dead on second reading 
Are we witnessing an internal revolt on the centralizing of power by Ignatieff and his inner circle?
Key Flip flops by Ontario Provincial Liberals after months of criticism
  • Oakville Gas Plant
  • Eco-fees
It appears in BC the Liberal government is also trying to fend off a backlash by voters by introducing a 15% cut of income taxes for the introduction of the H.S.T.  

Ignatieff testing Dion support level 4th time:  Angus Reid Poll Oct 11-13, 2010.
As a Conservative blogger the storm clouds for the left leaning parties looks promising. Will the Conservative parties in the United States, Canada benefit with more seats in the upcoming elections as they did in Europe?
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