Saturday, October 09, 2010

Tories Best Represent Family Values

Forty-one per cent of parents believe the Tories are the best party for families, compared to 24 per cent of those without children. One-third (34 per cent) of non-parents say the NDP best understands families, compared to 23 per cent of those with children who favour the NDP. The split is closer for the Liberals, with 18 per cent of parents and 19 per cent of those without children saying they're the best party for families.
Just over one-third of Canadians (35 per cent) favour Prime Minister Stephen Harper's party when it comes to family issues, while nearly three in 10 (27 per cent) believe Jack Layton's NDP is the most family-friendly. Just two in 10 (19 per cent) vouch for the Liberals as led by Michael Ignatieff when it comes to family issues.
"What was . . . more instructive out of this poll was not so much the Tories themselves and how they've been able to capture that vote, but the utter loss of the Liberal party to come anywhere close," says John Wright, senior vice-president with Ipsos Reid.
"I think the Liberal party would be a little shocked to see that they've lost or haven't got a key constituency."

"I think if you ask people today what the Liberal party stands for with families, you'd be hard-pressed (to define it), but that's probably the case with almost every issue they've had to position on in the last few years," he says.

Is anyone really surprised with the latest Poll? I have been saying for quite a long time our PM is a force of nature the opposition, mainstream media can't fathom.

Helena Guergis
Attacked by Coalition MPs+ Media
  • Created a fake anti-Catholic story at state funeral over Holy Host
  • Attacked our mission in Afghanistan, alleging our military and government were responsible for War Crimes.
  • Sided with China on Human Rights criticism against our PM.
  • 28 Days of sitting Parliament rescheduled with Prorogue during Olympics  is called a threat to Democracy.
  • Demanded billions in spending, continue stimulus but smaller deficit.
  • Use of fake estimates, costs attacking spending that Kevin Page, Sheila Fraser don't validate. 
  • Used H1N1 crisis to raise funds called it our Katrina and created hysteria, blame deaths on Federal government.
  • Witch hunt against Helena Guergis for months read anonymous letter by Door knob prop using MP citing a security breach that never took place.
  • Attacked Maternal Health Initiative demanding we fund abortions in Africa
  • Senate Reform after losing control.
  • Attack every policy citing extreme right wing "ideology" and fail to show up to vote against it
  • Move to accountability, funding cuts to groups is labeled ideologically Republican mean-spirited.
  • Relentless partisan politics: attacked PM on campaign for UN security seat.
  • Playing games with replacement on CF-18 after Sea King fiasco cost taxpayers $ 500 million.
  • No substance, policy written on back of napkins.
  • Almost five years of flip flops on every policy since 2006 if it was a confidence matter.
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