Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Strategic Counsel Finished 7th in Polling General Election 2008

Peter Donolo worked in the office of the PMO from 1993 through to 1999.
Strategic Counsel placed second last in polling the last General Election held on October 14, 2008.
Peter joined Strategic Counsel in 2002. 
Peter Donolo joined the Liberal Party of Canada in November 2009.
Competence and professionalism in federal politics shouldn’t be equated with risk-aversion and damage-control. Yet it far too often is. A few months from now, Peter Donolo should be judged not on whether he brought back Chrétien-style discipline, but whether he gave Liberals enough confidence in the basic soundness of their leader’s operation to think big, talk boldly and accept routine setbacks as the cost of lasting accomplishments. - John Geddes
Source: Macleans
Strategic Counsel Polling
  • CPC -5%
  • LIB +2%
  • Green +4%
"You can be on the right track and still get hit by a train!"
Should we expect a transformation of the Liberal Party without seeing ANY proof first?
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Blame Crash said...

Liberal support was overestimated five times and one tie.

NDP support was overestimated six times and two ties.

BQ support was overestimated once, tied four times and underestimated three times.

The Greens were overestimated a whopping seven times and one tie.

And the tell tale sign of how bias these pollsters are, is!!!

All eight pollsters underestimated Conservative support.