Monday, March 08, 2010

Reality Check Pollsters

The Conservatives are "in control of their destiny" over the next year, Mr. Nanos said, adding that Mr. Harper has likely learned a lesson from his unpopular decision to suspend Parliament for strategic reasons.
"The one lesson in the last 60 days that the Conservatives have learned is that even when you're sitting on a 10-point lead, it can change very quickly just from one political move," he said. "I expect that the Conservatives will be more circumspect."- Nik Nanos, The Hill Times
The Political parties have NOT moved within the Polls substantially for any extended period of time. The Liberals have been above their 2008 historical low 26% for ALL of 2009, 2010 except for one month.
The Ignatieff led Liberals managed to repeat Dion in losing every contest in 2009 against the government and other political parties in November 2009.
Voters are NOT engaged in the publicity stunts being manufactured on the Hill, and widely reported by the media.
Every Pollster did capture the FACT when Liberals utter election, their number retreated in the Fall of 2009.
The lesson for the Liberal Party of Canada, they are NOT viewed as an alternative government, government in waiting by the majority of Canadians including their base.
The voters are much smarter than the political parties, the media and pollsters that are trying to capture the mood or secrets to winning.
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wilson said...

'The lesson for the Liberal Party of Canada, they are NOT viewed as an alternative government, government in waiting by the majority of Canadians including their base.'

Exactly, when Canadians are asked to focus in on an election,
it isn't pretty for the LPC
and their leader.

bertie said...

I think it is time for Nanos to stick to his polls and leave the predicting to the Canadian public on election day.Only the sleazy would keep trying to make excuses for the corrupt Liberals and only bottom feeders and CBC keep trying to make up some phony scandals and tell us what needs to be done to overthrow the government that most Canadians love.It is like we are in a bannanna republic and the evil dictators are allowed to spew their lies and venom,but not a word is mentioned on all the good this Government is doing.And our reporters and Canadian television stations,paid for by Canadians are the one's trying the hardest to make PM Harper look evil.WHY????Because he makes them all look like fools every time they open their idiot mouths.Why do they keep doing this???Because PM Harper will not put up with fools,like the Liberals did.The Parliamentary Press gallery seem to think they are the Government and they will yell and scream at the prime minister like school kids,and they will dictate who gets to ask these questions...Well they are wrong on all counts and the PM has shut down the farce of the parliament hill scrum..Now they are sulking like little kids and are playing the corrupt Liberal game of a scandal a day..Only trouble is we have the internet now to get the truth first hand and don't really need the press anymore and more and more newspapers are folding or are in serious financial trouble.But they still don't get it,they continue the scandal a day,Liberal corrupt way .So Nik Nanos stick to the polls or you will start to get the same scum bag coverage as we give the reporters.Anyone who tries to make excuses for these sorry ass Liberals,like the press and CBC has been doing for years will end up on wrong end of endearment with Canadians.So don't keep giving us advice on how to defeat the Conservatives.We like what we have and have the brains to defeat any Government without your sorry Liberal advice.

Calgary Junkie said...

It's going to be interesting to watch how the ppg deals with Iggy over the next year. If you're a reporter, how long can you listen to: "Harper is wrong about everything BUT Canadians don't want an election" ?

I don't think Iggy can get away with serving up this steady diet of pablum, without some kind of push-back from the bored reporters. And what about the supposed "election hawks" within the Lib caucus ? Are they going to passively sing from this latest page of Donolo's songbook, for a whole year ???

I dunno. I gotta believe there's lot of political junkies wandering around the halls of Parliament, who are getting extremely bored with Iggy, and want something ENTERTAINING from the guy !

CanadianSense said...

The media SPIN, Pollster suggest the stunts on the HILL matter and we are being affected by those stunts.

I call BS on them all. The LIBS numbers have slowly recovered after they stopped 'talking election'.

When we tune in, all the parties on the Hill see an Ugly Truth.

Get back to work and don't bother us with those silly games.

CanadianSense said...


the left pundits can't push too hard, take a look at the US and how little news is being reported on the shift on the Polls against the democrats.

The Liberal media is worried. They are losing control of the message. The internet has exposed their complicity and unwillingess to report the truth.

Look how they attack Sara Palin, the Tea Party movement.

In Canada our media is trying to shape public opinion and create a groundswell to suggest we want a SOCIALIST state -code words Social Justice.

They suggest raising taxes will lift all boats including the poor.

Take a look at the failed socialist states including USSR and their desire to lift all the boats.

The_Iceman said...

Remember that EKOS had the Liberals at 37% at one point last April. Now they are down around 30%. Where are the stories about how Iggy is down 7% in his first year as leader?