Thursday, March 25, 2010

Global Warming: Who will fund a study on snowblowers sales?

Remember this:

The David Suzuki Foundation says global warming and climate change are in part responsible for what's happening to a key Olympic venue.- CBC
Will shareholders be hearing global warming and climate change is responsible for missing sales this quarter?
"One of the categories that dropped was seasonal and outdoor goods, and I think that's a function of the weather," he said. "We had a very balmy winter across Canada so people weren't spending the money on snowblowers and shovels. Also, the [Home Renovation Tax Credit] is over so our home renovation spending dropped again...because people aren't spending to get the credit." -Vision Critical
For many of us not buying new winter tires, a new Snowblower, annual visit to the doctor for a strained back in shoveling this winter was a nice respite.

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