Friday, March 19, 2010

Review: Home Renovation Tax Credit vs Political Games on Hill

A last minute rush to qualify for the Home Renovation Tax Credit pushed retail sales up 0.7% in January, according to government data released Friday.
Home improvement stores were the largest contributor to the month’s $35.7 billion in retail sales, Statistics Canada said. The deadline to qualify for a maximum HRTC rebate of $1,350 was Feb. 1. The popular temporary program was part of the federal government’s Economic Action Plan designed to boost spending.
Sales at building and outdoor home suppliers were up 7.4% marking the highest monthly growth rate for this retail segment since Aug. 2003. Meanwhile sales growth at furniture and home furnishing stores topped previous records set back in the early 1990s. - Toronto Sun

In September 2009 when the Liberals were interested in moving a non-confidence vote, the NDP did not join the Liberals and Bloc.

How did the Liberals treat the Bloc and the NDP?

The NDP voted against EVERYTHING presented in the Budget.
The Bloc also voted against the Budget.

In March 2010 when the Liberals did not want to fight an election on the government handling of the Economy,  29 Liberal MP did not show up to vote.


The NDP took the position in attacking the Liberals in January 2009 for not supporting the coalition and supporting the budget. In the Fall of 2009 the NDP reversed and attacked the Liberals for not supporting the Home Renovation Credit. Today we hear the NDP again voting against everything in March 2010 budget.

Are the NDP prepared to replace the Liberal Party as the official opposition, is the party of "social conscience" just playing games when the Liberals prop up the government?

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