Monday, March 15, 2010

Nik Nanos: Analysis Budget Poll

If we need another reason to understand why the opposition parties are unwilling to debate on the budget or the issues Nik Nanos confirms Canadians are not  buying the Doom on You message from the left.


Nik Nanos

Government Performance Question: In general, would you say the federal government is doing a very good job, good job, neither good nor bad job, a bad job or very bad job in regards to its economic policies?
National (n=1,000)
Very good job 7.6%
Good job 27.2%
Neither good nor bad job 30.2%
Bad job 20.9%
Very bad job 9.1%
Unsure 4.9%

Canada/US Economic Performance Question: In economic performances, do you believe that the situation in Canada is better, the same or worse off than that of the United States?
National (n=1,000)
Better 78.2%
Same 12.8%
Worse 4.7%
Unsure 4.4%
Canadians did prefer that the government continue the stimulus spending. Likewise, the deficit was seen as acceptable. Prompted with a series of public policy choices to help balance the budget, freezing government wages was identified as the most popular comparative choice. The research suggests that the budget was perceived by Canadians as a “stay the course” plan for the future. With a deficit being acceptable and the appetite for the stimulus spending to continue, it’s unlikely this budget represents a political advantage or disadvantage for the federal Conservative government. - Nik Nanos

The message is reaching Canadians we are  faring better than others, this may be another reason why the Liberals are very unhappy with the messaging from this government.

A recent Ekos Poll also confirmed the opposition parties were out of touch with the Doom on You approach.

Some investigative reporting by our fellow Canadians may have found other reasons the Liberals failed to vote against the budget.

Liberal MP's skip vote to protect pensions?

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