Friday, March 26, 2010

Parliament: Taxpayers 0 Political Games 1

I don't buy for one second politicians care one fig about parliamentary supremacy regarding the right to view documents in protecting our freedom. This is another example crass politics again.

Are these Politicians from the opposition demanding all documents pertaining to their personal, riding, office expenses and spending be made available to the taxpayer? The opposition members of parliament are in a majority and can remove their confidence of this government if they don't trust them. We have repeatedly been told by leaders of the opposition they don't have confidence in this government in regards to the economy, healthcare, family planning, environment but they keep voting for those policies.

Selective redacting you say? Is a Minister applying the censorship to said documents? No, an experienced non partisan civil service is entrusted for all Federal Governments? The opposition continue to suggest "foul play" without directly implicating our Civil Servants or our Military in a massive conspiracy to protect this government. Simply pathetic!

Here is a great article from a life long liberal.

The End Game

Do you find the news today on television consists more of one anchor pontificating to another rather than reporting on the actual “news?” CBC and CTV are masters at this, bringing us a myriad of mind-numbing opinions from the same “media” people on multiple issues every day. A good example of this is the coverage of the Afghan detainee issue. The thrust of the media coverage seems to coalesce around the idea that the Canadian Forces deliberately, in a planned and premeditated manner, colluded with Afghan authorities in the torturing of detainees in Afghanistan. The national media are beside themselves frothing, spewing and spanking with joy as they report this as if it were true. They provide magnified coverage to Richard Colvin and present his assertions as fact and suggest there is a cover-up at the highest levels. What is the end game? To whom would the Official Opposition suggest the military turn over its military detainees? The Taliban? Al Qaeda? Perhaps a Canadian prison should be opened with all the trimmings provided by Correctional Services Canada? -Dan Donovan, OLM Publisher

Sadly this is just another stunt, another game in Parliament in gotcha politics and our lazy media is along for the ride.

The opposition are hoping to go to the next campaign with "contempt of parliament" on the campaign literature aided by our lazy media.

A recent Angus Poll found 49% of Canadians are not following the debate at all. The opposition are busy ignoring the issues that matter  only 11% believe problem began after 2006. Canadian soldiers actively participated in the torture of Afghan detainees is supported by a very small minority in Quebec, Ontario, Atlantic Provinces. (14%)

It is time we move to limit the damage of lazy reporting, bias by allowing deregulation in our print and television.

Why continue to provide taxpayer funding for this poor quality product, the CRTC should recommend we allow unrestricted Global access to our telephone, internet, television viewing by increasing competition and choice for the consumers.


FoxtrotBravo said...

"Lazy" is the operative word for MSM reporting, especially the for CBC which has become nothing more then a 1 billion dollar a year celebrity and political gossip show.

CanadianSense said...

I live close to the US border and can fly from Buffalo airport and save hundreds of dollars including wait times.

If we encourage more competition, thousands of new jobs from new companies in providing a better product at a cheaper price.

A win-win for Canadians.

wilson said...

It is laughable that the Dippers demand documents that pose a risk to national security to go public,
but not their own MP expense accounts.

CanadianSense said...

Until the MP's demand 100% unredacted document access to their own expenses I am not interested selective "redaction" meme.

If these members of parliament are serious with their "super duperness" and no secrets lets end their expense account secrecy in the ridings, leadership races and donations.

Let's shine a SPOTLIGHT on how things really work in Ottawa.

CPC MP has CBC girlfriend who gets taxfunded airfare? She is covering politics anyone else think it is a conflict?

Patrick Ross said...

Personally, I think that all constituents should have the right to examine their MPs' expense accounts as a matter of principle.

We have the right to know how our elected representatives are spending our money -- we have the right to vote them out of office if we don't like it.