Thursday, March 11, 2010

Liberal Party of Canada: Anatomy of A Failed Political Party

Mr. Michael Ignatieff refuses to address the Prime Minister of Canada as the Right Honourable Stephen Harper with the courtesy and traditions afforded by our Parliament. Peter Donolo has come out recently and requested we use "Mr." in addressing the appointed leader of the Liberal Party.  Until Liberal members of parliament return to their responsibilities, duties, public civil discourse, the use of "Mr." remains a closed matter.

Anyone willing to bet Michael Ignatieff shows more respect for political leaders of foreign countries by using proper names and titles?

The Blogging Tories should work cooperatively with other bloggers in demanding why the Liberal Party of Canada refuses to show up for work. Canadian taxpayers are paying their salaries, pensions and we need an explanation on this latest publicity stunt.

Many bloggers last night left the names of the twenty-nine Liberal MP who went missing, or refused to show up for the work when I issued my second  Amber Alert. Thank you for reminding us our democracy is under attack by the political games in Ottawa.

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Thank you to and have started blogging about this democratic threat to our parliament and democracy.

Found 2 more bloggers on this topic. Both have great sites and I visit regularly for information.

Michael Ignatieff  trotted out this familiar line on his cocktail circuit coast to coast to coast funded by the taxpayers.

"In June 2009, we set up a four tests, after fours years of Stephen Harper you failed all four, your time is up!" leader of Liberal Party.

 Help us to understand the anatomy of members of Parliament who refuse to show up but only criticize others.


Blame Crash said...

Mr. Michael who?

You're not referring to Mr. Meaty Head are you?

Now there's a guy who should thank his lucky star that the Toronto media meat heads run diversionary and deflection campaigns in order to protect that puppet.

wilson said...

I don't get why Iffy calls PMSH 'that guy',
with his background you would think he would naturally speak more formally.
What's he trying to prove or say about himself?

Sandy said...

Totally agree. "That guy" is getting a little stale. I just put up AA's list because we need to get as many URL's on that topic on the search engines as possible.

Bizarre isn't that Ignatieff wants to be called "Mr" and doesn't have the courtesy to call the PM by his title. That says a great deal about the man -- that he is just too much of a prima donna to be PM.

Bec said...

The entire Liberal mess that call themselves a caucus are equally as disrespectful to the Prime Minister. It is simply in their arrogant, entitled DNA. These people are seriously floundering, kicking and screaming, not knowing how to act or think while not the government.

When you read comments at any of the sites, their followers speak with a similar disrespect and verbalize disdain that I have come to interpret as a common denominator.
Even the most well spoken of them speak with a condescending arrogance that distinguishes them from say a Dipper or Bloc supporter.

If Ignatieff only knew that to get respect you must give it otherwise you are nothing more than a classless buffoon so if the shoe fits.......wear it buddy boy!

FoxtrotBravo said...

Bec said:

"If Ignatieff only knew that to get respect you must give it ..."

I think that comment sums up the whole situation perfectly.

CanadianSense said...

As I said at 308, if Rahim Jaffer had been accused of murdering a soldier, Americans, Nato, RJ the "IED farmer",the progressive left would have been much more supportive embracing him as a victim.