Saturday, March 20, 2010

Liberals Games Continue Flip Flop on Exporting Asbestos To Third World.

The NDP take a position and stick to it?  Some call them core values, others opportunism.

Pat Martin has been fighting for years on this file and I don't think it reeks of opportunism. The NDP do not have any seat to lose or gain in the ridings that would be affected by the decision to cut this line item or exports.

Liberal candidates and lies on asbestos-Great expose on Liberals playing games on Asbestos files.

Bloc, CPC, Liberals MP's leave committee to eliminate quorum ending the speech of Pat Martin. Is this how we expect the MP's to act when listening to information they don't like?
Liberal natural resources critic Geoff Regan said even with Liberal support, the motion would die because the Bloc won't support it. Besides, he said, even if the budget committee removed the line item, the government could put it back in, and call for a confidence vote on the budget, which could lead to an election, something Liberals clearly do not want right now.
"We don't want to play those games," Regan said.
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has made it clear that "he believes chrysotile asbestos poses serious health risks." He said Liberals would rather see the $250,000 go toward economic diversification in asbestos mining towns like Asbestos and Thetford Mines, and toward retraining asbestos miners for other jobs. Montreal Gazette
Michael Ignatieff is for asbestos when he's not against it

The Liberals continue to play games in Ottawa, as they did on support for the HST, fearmongering on H1N1, Isotopes, anti-American sentiments , citing "brown skinned" Canadians have less protection now, Carbon Tax for Global Warming,  Employment Insurance in September 2009.

Michael Ignatieff citing "idealogy" and politics of division. What are they doing?

“We believe that this measure falls radically short of serious employment insurance reform.  “Let’s get it through and get to the motion of non-confidence which we will bring forward in due time.”-Michael Ignatieff
And that was exactly my point Jonathan. Michael Ignatieff only offered to support a Bill he doesn’t approve of, and not only support it, but fast-track it so that it won’t be an interfering influence when he decides to call his no-confidence motion in October. And by saying “interfering influence” I mean he’s trying to ensure that Jack Layton has no grounds to stand on when he votes to avoid an election.
He is aiming to make Jack Layton and the NDP look bad for supporting the government while having no reason to do so, and he want’s to have that ammunition to use against them. As such, he is trying to orchestrate a situation where he can have that. It has nothing to do with honestly supporting the Bill, because he already said he doesn’t.
To me, that’s game playing, and when the issue and time is as critical as it is, and being in the position of trying to call an unpopular election, Michael Ignatieff is either clearly insane, or out to punish the NDP. - Sean Calder

 The Liberals refuse to introduce any alternatives in parliament that might lead to an election.  Liberals did NOT follow their September declaration, in October, November, December. In March 4, 2010, 29 Liberal MP's refused to return to work and defeat the government.

The Liberals are back to playing games of dividing Canadians and demanding the government provide funding in the third world for Abortions. Is this the job and duty of a loyal opposition?

I Recommend you read this post. It is a balanced post.

Long gone are the days of anyone believing the Liberal lies and scare tactics about the Conservatives seeking to outlaw abortion, so, now, desperate to try and find something to create relevance for the Liberal Party of Canada, Michael Ignatieff continues to make a fool of himself and betray the complete absense of any Liberal "plan" to try and play on his apparent belief that Canadians are truly stupid. 
Send a message, please.
We aren't that stupid, Michael, and, frankly, you are scum. - R.G. Harvie

I could not agree more. Send a message.

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