Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coalition Party: Smoke & Mirrors: Can't Win Through An Election

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The opposition parties are passing motions that are NOT binding or can be used by the Government to declare a loss of confidence. Why? Will the opposition parties use their numerical majority to engineer another "crisis" over the continued use of the 10% by introducing Question of Privilege and Contempt of Parliament?
Why won't the opposition members of parliament remove their continued support of the government through a vote of non-confidence? We hear from the opposition benches the members of parliament we don't trust the government. Really?
The opposition members of parliament are not interested in seeking support in the peoples' house from the people, through an election and continue to vote for the government in power they don't trust.
Will NDP flip-flop on their vote in Parliament behind close doors?.
"There were some (measures in the motion) where we would have done it slightly differently and so we'll have to take those issues up at the Board of Internal Economy," Layton said when pressed on the ban.
His party House leader, Libby Davies, indicated the ten-percenter vote may be the jumping-off point for a negotiation over bulk mail.
What the  ^#$%^%^$^&%^&%^&
The administrative matters of the House of Commons have been the responsibility of BOIE since 1868.
Will the opposition create another publicity stunt around the use of flyers by the government and rise on a question of privilege or contempt?

Mandate and Authority

The Board:
When Parliament is prorogued or dissolved, members of the Board retain their functions until they are replaced.
 Smoke and mirrors is a metaphor for a deceptive, fraudulent or insubstantial explanation or description. The source of the name is based on magicians' illusions, where magicians make objects appear or disappear by extending or retracting mirrors amid a confusing burst of smoke. The expression may have a connotation of virtuosity or cleverness in carrying out such a deception.
More generally, "smoke and mirrors" may refer to any sort of presentation by which the audience is intended to be deceived, such as an attempt to fool a prospective client into thinking that one has capabilities necessary to deliver a product in question. - Wikipedia
Source: EKOS 


Highlights on demographics that reinforce long game excuse for the Liberals.
  • Male vote  (CPC)
  • Female vote within M.O.E
  • 25 advantage (LPOC)11.2% (M.O.E 7.52)
  • 25-44 vote within M.O.E.
  • 45-64 advantage (CPC) 9.8%
  • 65+ advantage (CPC) 16.9%   
    Do the strategists behind Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe believe they can beat Stephen Harper?
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    Calgary Junkie said...

    I gotta believe more and more people, besides us junkies, can see through the Libs nonsense. It's all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    I'm disappointed in Jack, as I thought he had a golden opportunity to play some hardball with the Libs via a motion in the House, censuring Harper. But Jack backed off. He should realize that, being stuck in 3rd place, he's got to take some risks, in order to make some gains.

    But oh well, an entertaining bit of drama fails to materialize. Meanwhile, the Euegene Forsey blog over at Libblogs keeps demanding action. I'm curious to see how "Far and Wide" and others deal with this disappointing backdown by the Libs.

    Could it be that the Libs AREN'T on the side of the angels on the detainee issue ?

    CanadianSense said...

    The apologists for their party have many excuses. FW Stevie is the poll denying blogger that censors posts.

    EFL talks about principles but fails to call Jack and Michael on their flip flops out.

    Jack has voted how many time to save Harper?

    Dion, Michael have been voting to keep the CPC in power for years.

    The media for the most part are useless in reporting how the game is played.

    I remember a long time ago spending scandals on individual MP's over trips and use of taxpayers money.

    The Board of Internal Economy has some serious gaps of oversight and Parliament was very upset.

    Too bad too sad! Parliament made some cosmetic changes. The BOIE has more clout than parliament in not dissolving or working through the breaks including prorogue.

    Michael said...

    •<25 advantage (LPC)11.2% (M.O.E 7.52)
    •25-44 vote within M.O.E.
    •45-64 advantage (CPC) 9.8%
    •65+ advantage (CPC) 16.9%



    Yeah, I see the trend as well - that the older and more experienced one gets, the more they tend to support the Tories, and in widening margins. For Liberal sycophants like Steve V, this has to be a troubling narrative. But count on him to launch some spin to avoid the painful truth - as usual. :D

    Michael said...

    Even more troubling for them has to be that despite all these "scandals" that are supposedly haunting the Tories day in and day out, with the MSM saturating the waves with them, the Liberals can never seem to get enough traction in order to break away upwards from the M.O.E. nationally; from the CBC's beloved EKOS no less.

    For a government that is supposedly out on it's feet, this speaks volumes. It has to be why they won't defeat such a tired, corrupt, lying, terrible, horrible (insert Liberal adjective here) that is destroying this nation. Once gain for the Liberals, political expediency trumps their supposed "principles; which is why it is as I always say - the word "hypocrisy" used to be an adjective for "Liberal". Now it is a synonym.

    CanadianSense said...

    The problem for the opposition is they have spent years not offering any solutions that the voters want.

    The current minority has survived because the opposition have been unable to articulate a clear logical platform that is supported by a larger group of people that have gone to the ballot box.

    Since 2006, 2008, 2009 the message from the coalition parties has been failing to win at first past the post.

    Blue collar Blue said...

    the word "hypocrisy" used to be an adjective for "Liberal". Now it is a synonym.

    that's the greatest thing I've heard in a long time.
    so good I had to create an account just to thank you for the smile

    wilson said...

    Why has the media backed off the daily front page prorogation and detainee issues?
    Now the issues just get mentioned not headlined.

    Because their readership dropped!

    The economy is roaring,
    Canadians are optimistic and just are not reading the LibDipper negative crap.

    We like us, and are sick and tired of LibDippers and the media, insisting that Canadians should hang their heads in embarrassment.

    CanadianSense said...

    Blue Collar blue,

    thank you for the kinds words. Some of us have voted for the Liberals and NDP when they spoke on real issues that were important.

    Today they only represent a smaller number special interest groups and have entered into a cycle gutter politics.

    The opposition holds the majority of seats, they can pass a motion to raise G.S.T, create a National Daycare Program.

    The majority can require the budget pass with their ideas or reject the CPC Agenda.

    Did the opposition get together and find an issue they could rally and hold the gov't to account for 2010?

    Instead 29 Liberals refused to go to work, show up to vote against the CPC Agenda.

    The opposition don't have the stomach to fight, ask us in the ballot box. Why?

    They know the political games they manufacture will not be rewarded with more seats for their party.

    They are now fighting amongst themselves to avoid an election and risk the government winning a majority.

    Blue collar Blue said...

    the very first national election i voted in i helped bring Cretien to power

    I've been Blue ever since

    These guys are so arrogant they think nobody but they have rights

    watching Bob babble on right now on CPAC what an "Honorable" man

    CanadianSense said...

    I lived in York South Weston. Bob Rae and John Nuziata were my choices at the ballot box.

    Never voted for the PC party under Mulroney.

    Did not dump Rae when Union refused to make concessions.

    Liberals threw out my MP when he stood up against GST.

    Voted for Nunziata until Tonks won seat.

    Moved to mississauga and went to Reform/Alliance.

    In Oakville we elected a CPC candidate! Oakville has been finally getting attention and worthwhile projects.