Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Michael Ignatieff: Roadkill

When a crack team of Liberal insiders travelled to the U.S. to replace Paul Martin did they ever imagine their pick would end up as roadkill?

If you look at the leadership polling numbers for the national political leaders, the Liberals have a serious problem. Divisions have continued to plague his leadership. He has has been at the helm for over one year.

  • NFLD MP's budget break in support of Danny Williams over liberal leader
  • Janine Krieber on fractures within party and failure to stop CPC with the coalition
  • Denis Coderre alleges Michael is unable to deliver results for Quebec
  • Nancy Charest on her leader failing to deliver results for Quebec
  • Paul Szabo on his leader pro- abortion statement
  • Bob's Rae's supporters leaking embarrasing details to MSM
One can almost hear Ignatieff’s silent tears when he realizes that Layton, if he were leader of the Liberal Party, would actually stand a better chance of returning the former Natural Governing Party to the government side of the House of Commons.- Werner Patels
Trudeau didn't play the populist. He didn't hide his education or erudition. When a reporter asked if he had struggled with his conscience before invoking the War Measures Act, he launched into a disquisition about democracy and the rule of law, including a reference to the clash between Creon and Antigone in Sophocles' play. He did not mention Tim Hortons. Even once.- Dave Gardner
The Ottawa Citizen’s Dan Gardner runs Michael Ignatieff over with a pickup truck, then throws it in reverse — the hook being Mr. Ignatieff’s recent, embarrassingly brain-dead op-ed in the New York Times, and the subject being Mr. Ignatieff’s painful and thoroughly unconvincing transformation from public intellectual into man of the people. Gardner recalls the famous photograph of Pierre Trudeau sashaying confidently into the Grey Cup final looking like Oscar Wilde on a particularly fancy-free afternoon, and then imagines Mr. Ignatieff at next year’s game. “He has a giant foam finger on one hand, a can of Blue in the other. He rises and declares, ‘Who among us does not like the CFL?’ He is pelted with hotdogs.” Great stuff.


The_Iceman said...

I think a lot of Liberals are not comfortable with the fact that Ignatieff was not elected by the party membership. Most delegates when given the choice between Igg or Dion chose Dion. That tells you all you need to know.

CanadianSense said...

His defence of enhanced interrogation, and a lower standard of rights has not gone away. Janine Krieber has pointed to his books. Rae refused to send his supporters over and they chose Dion.

wilson said...

That entire flock of Puffin candidates was the B Team.
Iffy was the #2 pick from Team B,
and that makes Rae a rung closer to the bottom at #3.

Something scared off the A Team, someday we will discover what that was.
It must be very frightening, when Chretien paniced and went for the coalition of losers instead of wait for a real win.

The_Iceman said...

That's an excellent point Wilson. Weren't McKenna and Manley supposed to be on the "A-Team"? They backed out before the leadership race. Why did they decline? Who else was considered to be on the A-Team?

CanadianSense said...

The "A" Team are not interested in warming the cheap seats for a decade. The finances of the party are in serious difficulty.

The organization would NEED a serious overhaul. (Time & Money)

The significant gap has NOT been closed.

The inability to get the convention Liberals to open their wallets after a leadership contest has not changed.

Alps has admitted the crisis (scandals) they create helps with raising funds!

In adopting the NDP tactics of demanding a resignation weekly, labelling everything as a NEGATIVE, scandal has turned off many people.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

This post is a 'keeper'. Great summary of the divisiveness within the Liberal Party.

Well done!

CanadianSense said...

One of the problems with the Liberals is they thought they picked the second coming of P.E.T. and they are trying to apply American Idol standards makeover.

Let Iggy be Iggy with his right of centre views.

They thought his views would help steal the PC vote but they have not tacked right and stayed there.

The Liberal GPS -Rick Mercer highlights the lack of adaptability and risk to shift.

The Liberals are being framed as a Left of centre party.

The CPC are firmly centre and many conservative wish they were not more RIGHT.

The Pie (voters) is crowded on the left of centre and Harper is not going to allow the Liberals to return to the centre.

MIkhael said...


So where is our CPC majority?

Why are we even close to the libs in the polls?


Anonymous said...

the majarity might be hidden with people like my friends and I telling pollsters that we love IGGY and hate the CPC when we are all going to vote blue.
we have been doing this for several months as an experiment into polling agencies.


Anonymous said...

Hey - my friends and family do much the same to pollsters. We say Undecided since it is none of their business who we want to cast a SECRET ballot for.
We are all Conservative voters.