Sunday, March 07, 2010

Amber Alert Issued For 10 Liberal MP's


Stay tuned for more information on the missing Liberal MP's. Names, photos, riding's will be made available shortly.

The reason for the Amber Alert is the Budget Vote in Parliament.

A potential lead, the Liberal Leader may be responsible for the missing Liberals.

There appears to be some confusion who is the leader we included a photo of the two most likely to be in charge.

In an attempt to expand our search for the ten missing Liberal MP's, we have included additional search methods. h/t Michael Harkov.

Please leave a post if you spot them.


Michael Harkov said...

A photoshop of them on the back of milk cartons would be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

That photo was based on the Killer Beez, a pro wrestling tag tream. Fitting - wrestling is fake, and so are these two.

CanadianSense said...

Milk Carton added, thank you for the tip.

Let's hope we can find those ten missing Liberal MP's.

hunter said...

Too funny! The whole Liberal party could go missing and no one would notice, except the MSM.

Michael Harkov said...

A photshop of Liberal faces or bodies and a new catch title would also fit.

maryT said...

Dion could be one of them, on compassionate grounds.
Isn't there some deal between parties to pair those that can't be there for some reason. What if PMSH asks 10 of his members to pair with the missing liberals as a show of good faith. After all, liberal flu could be contagious.
And what if, the liberals tell iggy to go to lala land, and all show up to vote NO.

Calgary Junkie said...

My quick and dirty count gives the current compostion of the House as roughly:

146 good guys (including indies)

161 bad guys

1 speaker

So we need about 15 Libs to abstain, which creates a tie, which the Speaker breaks in our favour.

MariaS said...

Funnnny!!! I am still laughing. Absolutely great photo. I have taken the liberty to save it in my cartoons folder.

We are quick learners aren't we? What's good for the goose is good for the gander too. In Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, he says something to this effect:
"Ridicule is man's greatest weapon" and something, something....but you got my drift.

Rose said...

Well the male Lib's love those grape smugglers thus I'll start looking in the swim suit department of my local clothing store. I hope to gawd I don't find any of them wearing the grape smugglers, shutter stuff that gives you nightmares.

I heard a rumour forty Con MPs have a very serious form of flesh eating desease/swine flu thang and won't be able to attend the vote? Can anyone confirm this rumour?

CanadianSense said...

Any Lib blogger, and ANY Liberal voter should be demanding EVERY LIBERAL MP should go back to work.

Does Michael Ignatieff think he is a king and ordering 10 democratically MP' to avoid their duty and cast their vote?

This Liberal Dictator must be stopped.

Jen said...

Hunter is right, the liberals went missing for years only to make appearances once in a while-to collect their dough from taxpayers and if they find that taxpayers money were going into infrastructure, transfere of payments to provinces etc and for that matter the military, the liberals will find any excuses they can invent as to not pay into those vital areas.
Their media of course does most of the work for the liberals.
So why bother to make an appearance to support budgets; Layton might be there but not there at the same time since he too does not support the budget or rarely anything.

The_Iceman said...

It is nice to see Ignatieff cherry picking strategies from Stephane Dion's playbook.

CanadianSense said...


Dion worked in Canada and won the leadership with the support of the grassroots.

Ignatieff was appointed by a small cabal of insiders.

Many Liberals have been making public statements about his statements on Empire Lite, inability to help Quebec, fix the funding problems within the LPOC.

How can he, dictate to elected MP's to avoid their duty to vote on a critcal item in Parliament?

Where are those 'back to work' Liberals who believe in democracy?

Are they not being allowed to speak?

bertie said...

I wouldn't count on the speaker to vote in our favour,.Isn,t he a Liberal.?

CanadianSense said...

I believe the tradition of the speaker is to break the tie in favour of the gov't.

maryT said...

The speaker only votes in case of a tie, and must vote with the Government.

Calgary Junkie said...

There's some kind of convention that, if there's a tie, the Speaker (no matter which Party he belongs to) votes to keep Parliament going, and the government remaining in power.

maryT said...

I think they need more than 10 to be missing.
I think they need 15 to be sick, to end in a tie, with the Speaker voting for the Govt.

CanadianSense said...

Unfortunately the CPC won't be catching the Flu to force more Liberals to hide behind the curtains.

Our media is NOT doing their job.

Peter Donolo the "wiz" has failed to stop the publicity stunts and bring in adult supervision.

The Liberals have admitted it is not time to pull the plug, or put any conditions on the budget they can't support to risk an election.

Zero Creditibilty and every single Liberalblogger should be slamming the Liberal Party for hiding from the budget vote and keep Harper in power.