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Politics: Moving The Chess Pieces

Politics requires motivating your opponents to act against their self-interests.

The Opposition parties in Parliament rely on the same pool of voters and are experiencing the similiar difficulty the Progressive Conservatives, Reform, Canadian Alliance parties experienced during the thirteen years of Liberal government.

If the centre, centre right voters were to remain divided the Liberals led by Paul Martin may still have clung to power. Ontario voters rejected the Federal Liberals in 2008.

Today the centre, centre right, voters have only one national party eligible to form the federal government. The results are evident with the CPC forming the government with the largest number of seats. The smaller parties through a coalition can legally take power if the Governor General asks them to form government. A coalition government made up without the party holding the largest numbers of seats is NOT a regular, normal event in our recent Canadian Political History. In December 2008 Canadians pushed the CPC to 46% against the coalition parties seizing power. Only in Quebec was the idea popular.

ht/ Stephen Taylor
If we search for Google News stories concerning “prorogation” OR “prorogue” AND “Facebook” we learn that the Canadian media has written 424 stories, while the Facebook group protesting prorogation has 208,744 members. This amounts to 492 new members to the Facebook group for every MSM article referencing the group over the past few weeks. This number does not include television, magazine and radio coverage of the Face book group. And to think, it all started with a “fury” of 20,000 when the group was in the budding stages of becoming an MSM darling. - Stephen Taylor January 21, 2010

The Liberal Party of Canada returned from their Christmas Vacation to stage a photo in the afternoon on January 25, 2010 in front of the locked doors of Parliament. Those doors were NOT locked, the NDP took their photos in the morning before the cleaning staff had unlocked the doors. IT was a classic example of a failed publicity stunt.

 Bob Rae had no qualms in using prorogation several times as Ontario's Premier.

The Liberals spent several days holding meetings in Ottawa trying to keep the attention of the national media the Liberals were "back to work".

The Government responded by sending some media releases to get "air time" and allowed photos of cabinet meetings demostrating they were still at work. In light of the media driven agenda to cast the twenty two delay of Parliament as something unusual, a threat to democracy, avoiding work, our government sent a letter cancelling the March Break for Parliament. It was a brilliant move and the Liberals and Bloc immediately agreed to the cancellation of the time off. No March Break For You! , Liberal MP complains the changes.


The Throne Speech was very long and included an item that media went "ALL IN".  A request by a Progressive Conservate Senator (appointed by Paul Martin) to set up a committee to review "gender neutrality" in our National Anthem. (Wednesday March 3, 2010) Apparently this was a serious matter for our one dimensional media at the exclusion of all others.

In less than 24 hours .....

The Deficit Budget was presented on Thursday March 4, 2010 and was virtually ignored by everyone as our media was busy asking Canadians about the National Anthem.

Stephen Taylor has a great site and lists the feedback of stakeholder reaction on March 4, 2010.

 Purchasing a pair of new shoes in introducing a new budget is a tradition for Finance Ministers

The NDP, Bloc recognize the Ignatieff led Liberals are unprepared or unwilling to vote against the government have resorted to their traditional roles of voting against the government.

The Liberals after losing power in 2006 have been unable to present a credible image of an "alternative government" to the Canadian voters. In October 2008 Liberals suffered the worst popular vote since confederation. They were greatly reduced to seventy seven seats based largely in the three largest cities. In 2009 in four contests they failed to post any gains against the CPC led government, the CPC in fact won 50% of the seats including one held by a Bloc MP.


Real tragedy struck and Canadians responded.

Haiti broke the media driven campaign around prorogue. Next the Olympics required the media and opposition parties to pause their attacks and criticisms for nearly 17 days erasing all their momentum they built against this government.

PM SH praises Heil for Gold Win

Return to Canadian Politics: Throne Speech, Budget. The Games we ARE NOT watching. (Ottawa bubble)

The Liberals state they are AGAINST the Budget. So what are they doing about it? How is the MEDIA reporting the Liberal Party position?

At least 10 Liberal MP's are being asked not to show up for work, vote against the budget. Our loyal opposition is to challenge, influence the Government's Agenda.

Liberals are REFUSING to act responsibly and hold the government to ACCOUNT as per our traditions in our parliamentary democracy. The NDP, Bloc MP's are going to show up for work and not undermine our parliament.

Source: Parliament

Liberal Loyalty? (oxymoron)
First, the Liberal Party of Canada is solidly united behind the leader Michael Ignatieff, just as it was united behind Stéphane Dion, Paul Martin, Jean Chrétien, John Turner, and Bob Rae. I know, Rae has nothing to do with it, but let's give him some latitude. -Angelo Perischilli

Source December 23, 2009 Blue Wave Part II

The Fall: the economy will continue to expand, more of the stimulus will have taken hold: An election will take place and the Liberals will continue to undermine our Government with publicity stunts without providing an alternative.


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