Sunday, March 28, 2010

Liberal Party 150 Montreal : Lacks Faith

This post is a note  to the importance of a step of faith,(conviction) in taking a course of action, making a decision.

The leadership of the Liberal Party initially decided against participation and attendence of their own senators, members of parliament. They folded days later.

Liberals, please think harder encapsulates the Montreal gabfest quite nicely. Jeff Jedras a Liberal blogger has many posts on the event. We should try to engage the other camp.

Scrap The Thinker's Conference 

The Liberal Party voted no-confidence once against the CPC Agenda in four years. They are avoiding triggering an election.

The Liberal Party refuses to introduce any motion that might trigger an election citing the long game but attack every idea being introduced by the government.

History has many examples of leaders who were able to take decisive action without having all their ducks in row.

Some may be unhappy with the progress in stopping the activities supporting AGW, deficit and policies not being "conservative" enough, let's keep talking about the viable alternatives.  We need to keep pushing for good policy without following into the trap of the left's arrogance and culture of entitlement of being the only acceptable solution.. A good idea, is a good idea regardless of what camp it originates.

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