Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prohibitive Fees From Liberal Lobbyist $ 350k

Some of us remember the scathing reports, the difficulties faced by the Auditor General Sheila Fraser had with securing cooperation from the previous  governments'  budgets and activities. Many of us are looking forward to line by line reviews of programs and policies. Let's hope the opposition parties in parliament find some common ground in joining the government in helping reduce waste and excess.

Will the opposition label every reduction or defunding move as an attack from an "extreme right wing republican idealogy" or will they join the government as a responsible loyal opposition with serious ideas in eliminating waste and rebalancing priorities?

Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose said Friday that Wallding International, a consulting firm headed by former Liberal cabinet minister David Dingwall, received a contingency fee from Shire BioChem to secure a 10-year contract to be the only supplier of Canada’s pandemic flu vaccine. The terms of the contract, Ms. Ambrose said, stipulated there would be no fees paid, and if there was a breach, the minister could recover the fees from the company. G&M

This is a good sign if the government includes in their program review, audits to eliminate waste in all levels from all departments. Chop, Chop!

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maryT said...

Gee, 2 former liberal cabinet ministers in the news, Dingwall and Rock, just as the thinkers conference is in session.
Perhaps this would never have come to light if Bennett and opposition mps had not tried to blame PMSH for the H1N1 vaccine shortage. Imagine, it was the liberal's fault.
In refunding the money Dingwall was paid they better check to make sure he didn't add a few pkgs of gum to his expenses.
He is entitled to his entitlements after all.

CanadianSense said...


what was sad was PM Paul Martin stated Dingwall resigned and later we got sued and had to pay out over a million to settle the Dingwall lawsuit.

The expense accounts are too large and should be made available as public information from parliament, gov't, political parties, ridings etc.

wilson said...

Ah yes, the famous dingwall comment that summed up 13 yearas of Liberal rule

"I am entitled to my entitlements. "....

Dingwall gets $418,000 in settlement with feds

''...The federal government has paid David Dingwall, the former president of the Royal Canadian Mint, a compensation package for his forced resignation.

...However, in a memorable appearance before a House of Commons committee last fall, Dingwall, a Liberal cabinet minister in the first Jean Chretien government, said this:
"I am entitled to my entitlements. "....

CanadianSense said...

How much did the taxpayers pay in lawyer fees, court costs for both sides to settle?

Want to bet equal to settlement?