Friday, March 12, 2010

Bernard Généreux 1 - Bloc 0

In spite of all opposition parties opposing the budget vote on March 4, 2010, the Government of Canada is delivering. An Ekos Poll found only 19% of Quebecers share a negative view of the impact of the budget, tough times for the Bloc.
Bernard Généreux was elected in November 2009 at the expense of the Bloc!
Through Canada's Economic Action Plan, the Government of Canada has committed $400 million over two years to help First Nation communities build needed new housing, repair and remediate existing non-profit housing for their members, and complement housing programs offered by CMHC. This investment will also provide an economic stimulus for many First Nations and surrounding areas by creating jobs.
Through Canada's Economic Action Plan, some $45 million in federal investments will be made available to First Nations in Quebec to address immediate housing needs. -Marketwire
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The_Iceman said...

This was my Nov 9 breakdown of his victory.

Montmagny: Half of Bloc votes don't show up, Tories hold firm, Tory victory.