Thursday, March 04, 2010

Liberals Prefer Layton Compliments of our tax funded CBC Sink Hole

Ekos Polling has conducted a very large Poll compliments of out tax funded sink hole known as the CBC.

Source Ekos Poll CBC

Jack Layton, meanwhile is the only national leader with a positive rating, and one that is improving. However, his party, despite being a strong second-choice for many voters on the centre-left, hasn’t budged from its third-place spot, far behind the front-runners. 

  •  45% confirmed Liberals voters Job Approval for Michael Ignatieff 5/7
  • 46% confirmed Liberals voters Job Approval for Jack Layton Pg 6/7

Top Program Reports-BBM

BBM provides Weekly Top Program data to members of the press and to the public. These reports contain the top programs which aired on conventional networks, ranked by Average Minute Audience and broken down by market.

Can you find ANY CBC current affairs, news show, program, or product that reaches the reaches the weekly Top 30?

Weekly Top 30 TV Programs Feb 15-21

  • Dragon's Den highest rating on CBC # 5
  • Wheel of Fortune # 22
  • Jeopardy # 24
  • Cornation Street # 30
Usually Hockey Night in Canada is the highest rated TV programs offered by the CBC. The Olympics caused a pause in the NHL.

I am confident Canada's cultural icon Don Cherry can find work at CTV, TSN.

Update: Is this what Michael Ignatieff considers protecting Canadian Culture regarding foreign investment, American TV Gameshows?

This is not a timely suggestion regarding a deficit or budget. Wasted use of taxpayers dollars.

March 2009
There is no moral or philosophical justification for using one billion of taxpayers' dollars to subsidize the viewing and listening tastes of a shrinking percentage of the population and the ideological hobby horses of CBC executives and editors.
Would you favour hundreds of millions of your hard-earned dollars going to subsidize Crossroads Television System (CTS), the Christian service with stations in Ontario and Alberta? Or how about al-Jazeera, the English-language Arab station that now has a place in Canada's channel line-up? Neither is anymore overtly biased than the CBC is to the advancement and defence of its causes. So where is the justification in denying those stations subsidies while lavishing nearly one-third of Ottawa's cultural budget on a service that captures less than 8% of Canadian television viewers and just about the same number of radio listeners?- Lorne Gunter

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