Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obama, Charest, Williams Role Models for Diplomacy?

Some of us have been watching with the Diplomacy of regionalism take hold with Danny Williams lowering of the Canadian Flags against the Liberal Paul Martin and recently ABC's campaign in 2008 general election.

Williams says his ABC retaliation is water under the bridge.
“At this point, I’m not sort of getting out on any ABC campaign. We’ve been there, we’ve done that. And that’s not even a matter that even comes up for discussion now between myself and the prime minister.”- Sue Bailey The Canadian Press

Danny Williams personal reputation at home is very high.  With 80 per cent of the province's voters approving his performance, he is in a league of his own.

We watched Premier Jean Charest line up against the Federal government in 2008 in response to the ADQ cooperation with the CPC. In 2009 we witnessed again the Premier of Quebec  join Toronto's Mayor David Miller take pot shots on the global stage to score points at home.

Is it in the interest of Quebecers to keep a minority Parliament in Ottawa? If the Federal Government were to win a majority government do Quebecers have a legitimate fear in spending cuts or transfers focused on Quebec?
In a not-so-suprising report, released last week by the Winnipeg based Frontier Centre for Public Policy, it is disclosed that the result of our supremely flawed federal equalization program is that successful provinces are penalyzed for their success, and failures are being rewarded.

In the report, detailed in an article in the Vancouver Sun,
here, it is reported that when looking to availability of doctors, nurses and teacher-to-student ratios, "have not" provinces are fairing better that their wealthier neighbors who, to a large extent, are paying for those services. - Searching For Liberty

Charest's green shift?

An excellent piece in the NP about charest's breathtaking hypocrisy and obfuscation.-Dr. Roy Thoughts

It appears that Quebec speaks out of both sides of their mouths. They condemn Alberta oil sands in one breath at Copenhagen and in the next, they send a big delegation to Alberta looking for lucrative contracts.

But while the Quebec Premier is spewing hot air and smoke about his concern for the environment, his bureaucracy back home is working hard to benefit from the energy sector.
- Hunter

 The US-Israel relationship has changed under the Democratic leadership or are they playing the regional card with the Arab neighbours trying to score points?
The Obama administration escalated its diplomatic row with Israel yesterday by abruptly cancelling a visit to Jerusalem this week by Middle East envoy George Mitchell, even as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rejected an Israeli claim that relations between the two countries were at an all-time low.-Sheldon Alberts CNS

Those in the know in the United States understand that any change in the coalition will lead in the end to Netanyahu’s downfall. They know that and they know Netanyahu knows it. The moment the prime minister loses his principal support, which is the support of the right and the center, Kadima, which is a center-left party, will bring him down without hesitation. Netanyahu must not zigzag for the sake of political survival. He must not lose his main support, which is the right, unless he reaches a point in which his opinions change drastically. - Isapundit

What will be the outcome for the diplomacy of Charest's adminstration bashing Alberta?

What will be the results for the diplomacy of the Obama administration to use Israel as a "punching bag"?

Does it make sense to treat your natural allies in this manner?

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