Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Liberal Entitlements Policy: Changing The Rules As They See Fit

Photo, headline h/t Borque Newswatch

Montreal Leadership "We did not get it done"

Are you comfortable with the Liberal leadership on display? Are these the same Liberal MP's who have relentlessly criticizing the government on the character of leadership and misuse of funds? What is your promise worth? You failed to repay personal loans in a contest to advance your own career in your political party. What gives you the 'chutzpah' to attend photo-ops and produce publicity stunts at taxpayers expense? Are you shameless?

What are excuses the Deadbeats alleged are responsible to repay loans after the final extension from Elections Canada expired?

The President of the Liberal Party of Canada Al Apps bragged recently how much money they have raised in 2009. Did the Liberals not raise three million more than 2008? Where did that money go? Narnia Ads, attack ads on radio?

 Can you spot the Liberal who went to court?*
Photo Op at taxpayers expense (Volpe, Dryden, Kennedy, Fry,Findlay, Dion) 01/25/10

* Yes several of them filed an affidavit in the court to get another extension. Two more years!

Elections Canada is NOT interested in appealing the decision. Why?

In an affidavit filed in support of the application, Kennedy's financial agent said the illness and death of Kennedy's mother forced the campaign to postpone fund-raising events and left it owing $131,361 at the end of 2009.

Photo Op wrong field, spent summer with staff trying to allege imbalance of spending refuted by Liberals (Deputy Leader George Smitherman, Carolynn Parrish, ex Lib-MP, City Councillor.( Note no excuse for this priority)

Hedy Fry has failed to repay over $ 78,000.
"Canada's Olympic Games belong to all Canadians. While it is clear that the Conservative government's multimillion-dollar infrastructure campaign is crassly partisan, can the prime minister at least stop trying to politicize the Canadian Winter Olympics?" Liberal MP Hedy Fry asked in the House of Commons.-David Aikin

Do you remember the suggestion by Hedy Fry for a "special" clinic for H1N1? 

I'm especially pleased to report that my esteemed representative in Ottawa, Hedy Fry, has a charming little postcard she's sending around suggesting that we can't be backpacking around the globe with our Canada flag like we used to. Which was news to me. "This postcard represents what Liberals are hearing from everyday Canadians from coast, to coast, to coast," says Fry. "That, under Stephen Harper, Canada is becoming a diminished light and force on the world stage. Mr. Harper has tarnished our international reputation when it comes to climate change, the United Nations, respect for human rights, peacekeeping, and the list goes on."
Whaaaaaaaat? I'm pretty sure that the world has no clue who Mr. Harper is, and even if they did, I'd be shocked if they had a clue what our position on climate change, UN, or human rights is. I'm not sure they would know what our position on Canadian bacon or hockey would be. (via Damian Penny)
What an embarrassment. If there are Canadians, who in the midst of a recession are traipsing around the world and still think having the Canadian flag on their bag is not something to be proud of they are probably people that told their friends they bought carbon offsets while taking, yet another flight. It's called being a hypocrite, you hippies. The only thing about another election here in Vancouver anyway, is another great opportunity to not elect Hedy Fry to parliament again. -Jackson Murphy
According to other affidavits, Bevilacqua's campaign still owed $193,133 in unpaid debts and expenses at the end of the year; Volpe's owed $152,800, Findlay's $130,260. The Dion campaign carried the smallest debt into the new year, owing $40,000.

I could go on but will most likely make a short video demonstrating how the Liberals have chosen to launch photo ops and publicity stunts instead of respecting the 'spirit' of the law.

Here is a quick video of some of the Liberals who after three years have failed to fully pay their loans back. Some other Liberals may be included in the photo that do not have any outstanding loans.


Jen said...

respecting the 'spirit' of the law.
What 'law' they own the law. they and their media spit on the 'law' as they call.
There are two types of 'laws' one is the liberal and coalition and national media to use to their will as you have been seeing on a regular basis.

The other 'law' is for us canadians to obey and if you don't follow the law you go to jail.

Hugo Chavez, Saddam, taliban have/ had that type of laws.

Why do you think they have lasted so long like the liberals here is because they all had and have national medias to protect them from the innocent people.

The first place where corruption attack to keep for themselves is the NATIONAL MEDIA

wilson said...

I can see why the government gave Iffy 2 months of undisrupted 'talk to the media' time.....
let's see what yah got Iffy.
So far, yah got the 1993 Red Book and Donolo's boogeymen from the Reform era.

CanadianSense said...


I used the word 'spirit' to mock the regular liberals who visit tory blogging sites who were reduced to using spirit after losing multiple cases in the court regarding the early election law.

Elections Canada had options to use sanctions to restrict this practice from expanding.

Today we can expect an increase of unpaid loans to circumvent the special interest big money limitations from Elections Canada.

Another hypocritical move by the Liberals in attacking our democracy.

CanadianSense said...

In September 2008 he repeated the same talking points with Dion at the helm. This is groundhog day for the party.

Jen said...

CS, like I said, there are two types of 'laws' and one of them is the liberals very own law.