Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toronto Star Reviving Liberal Policy

I give Jim Travers credit for playing the shell game in how to pin this on the CPC. Jimbo is trying to dampen the pride in our Olympics by recycling the detainee issue as an issue for the voters in March 2010. As the main cheerleader for the Liberals his position was threatened by Don Martin for several weeks. I can say without reservation if a Gold Medal was given for publishing Liberal talking points on a regular basis, Jim Travers would be the Olympic champion.

The CPC inherited the Liberal led government Program & Policies and made improvements. Only those who have a vested interest in weakening the current government on unproven allegations without ANY evidence have been pushing this agenda.

...the Prime Minister can only hope that next week's throne speech and budget will distract attention from something much worse: Worry that Canadians turned a systemically blind eye to their allies' shameful methods.  - Jim Travers Toronto Star Feb 25, 2010
 Thank you for confirming 'out of touch' narrative with most Canadians again during the most watched Olympics in our history.

In Montréal, Vancouver and Ottawa-Gatineau total weekly readership has remained unchanged since 2000. Readership has shifted from paid dailies to a combination of paid, free and online newspapers. In Toronto the migration acrossplatforms is similar, however this market is so fragmented that there has been a decline in total weekly readership.

They are resorting to giving it away for free during the Olympics.

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Jen said...

"come into my web" said the spider to the fly.

It is the same here with the Toronto Star, their web is unravelling and they need to tighten it up so they laid out a 'trap' in hope that the people will buy the T/S at a later date.
But first T/S entices the public with soft words nice photos and comments for a period of time and as time goes by, the manipulative reporters begin to take root slowly poisoning the mind with negatives.

Have you ever heard in the national media anything pertaining to the taliban detainees since 2002(Chretien era), not a chance.

So, I wonder if the T/S will plaster this information across the front page.

BTW. what is the liberal policy or do I assume their media handles that one for the liberals as well among other liberal things

CanadianSense said...

It has been interesting how our media ignore the period until the CPC took over and those regularly cited experts seem to reinforce the opposition talking points.

Must be a coincidence.

The fact the Liberals under Paul Martin did not do a good job in keeping tabs on those turned over and suspended the transfer when the Americans ran into a problem in Iraq.

It appears our MSM likes to accentuate only the negative challenges.

The_Iceman said...

Is there something wrong with the BT site?

CanadianSense said...

Must have found out we are Liberals, No updates for us!